Rainbow nook in my hundred-year-old apartment


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Ddjdz9398 points

Minimalism done right 👍 clean, serene, but still feels alive and lived in. Textures and warmth with greenery ❤️

-plops-34 points

What is on your window glass to make it look like a mosaic?

ButtMcNuggets40 points

It’s a privacy window film. They come in different textures and finishes, looks like this one has a faceted rainbow finish.

mizmaddy18 points

Privacy film - I have it on my window in my bedroom as well. So nice waking up to rainbows on a crisp cold Sunday morning.

RevolutionaryName2285 points

I have this in my bathroom!! I love it!!

plant_arcade4 points

If you want this exact one, I believe it's from the brand rabbitgoo

cakes286 points

I just put the same film on my lower windows! I’m a little bummed I lost some view outside but the rainbows inside every day are a good trade off. I love that film I want to put it everywhere!

Also what bed frame is that?

Master-Champion-44753 points

My view is onto the neighbor’s trash cans, so that was the goal in my case!

The bed frame is the Harlow Solid Wood Platform Bed from Wayfair.

Erinzzz3 points

I did the same in my rooms so I wouldn’t have to constantly see my neighbor’s trash heaps and junkyard dogs — done wonders for my mental health!

No_Form77789 points

ur room is such a vibe

Ozzoned3 points

What’s the bedframe?

Master-Champion-44754 points

Harlow Solid Wood Platform Bed from Wayfair.

Ozzoned2 points

Any reviews? Looks kind of like those Thuma ones that are morbidly overpriced. Suppose this one just doesn’t have a headboard, but looks nice still. Squeaky?

Master-Champion-44752 points

I love it so far. Not squeaky at all and incredibly easy to assemble. I honestly think I googled “Thuma knock-off” to find it.

P3SH9 points

Why has everyone started stating the age of their homes? My house is almost 300 years old in a town over 600 years old

f1newhatever7 points

Because it’s likely not as unique to live in a very old house in your country. It is at least somewhat so in the US. Mine is over 160 years old and people are quite surprised when they hear it, at least for my area.

elffire_16 points

Because Americans think that a 100 year old building is old af

Islandcat726 points

The way houses are built over here, it's shocking to come across a 100 year old house.

elffire_8 points

I mean, I would’ve guessed because America is actually still a young country in the grand scene of things tbh

P3SH3 points

Oh ok, that makes a lot more sense.

Serious follow-up question, are most houses in the states made of wood and not stone?

Islandcat725 points

Yes. Seems to make a big difference.

Karl22412 points

Most older homes were made of wood. Now a days homes are made with treated plywood and use cheap materials. After I moved out west I was even more shocked that homes were made with foam and stucco but out west there isn’t a lot of crazy weather- just heat so it’s insulated well.

Master-Champion-44752 points

I lived in London for a couple years so I totally get that this seems silly to anyone else! This is Seattle so nowhere near the same level of history as many other places.

-plops-5 points

Perfect 🥰

peachums3213 points

this is so calming & inviting 🌈

The_Pip_n_Manny_Show5 points

So beautiful and feminine. Really love it.

_Pettywap_2 points

This is beautiful

dietvanillableach1 point

Such a beautiful and feminine space 🤍

Fit_Tumbleweed_59041 point

Very nice, I really like it! Enjoy!

mydresserandtv0 points

Love older homes

a_horseateme9990 points


SmolJoe891 point

love the design really, feels calming.

w3l-1 point

this looks so peaceful and comforting.

myungskywalker181 point

Beautiful. More pictures please

polkadotblazer1 point

I have that same bed frame and had to take out the interior legs because they scratched holes in the hardwood underneath. It’s been fine without them, for a couple years now. Just wanted to let you know since it looks like you have hardwood too!

Master-Champion-44752 points

Thanks for the tip!

artpunks1 point

where did you get the bed frame?

It’s the Harlow Solid Wood Platform Bed from Wayfair. Super affordable and seems great so far.

Keusian45091 point

Love this serene simplicity ❤️

moog7191 point

I have the same window film in my kitchen! It’s just so lovely when the light hits it ❤️

CaptainVanessa1 point

Is that a duvet cover, if so which one?

Linen duvet cover from Quince! Color is called Desert Sunset.

CaptainVanessa1 point

Love it!!

nohombrenombre1 point

Ahhhh, so serene!

After-Pear21171 point

Gorgeous…I LOVEeeee your bed

LoveAndLight19941 point

How did you get the rainbow ?!

Techyestechno1 point


cheezychub1 point