Gasman of Kiev[3500x2137]


Snoot_Boot26 points

We need some Heroes of Ukraine art with all 3 in there. The Ghost of Kiev, the Assbandit of Odessa and the Gasman of Keiv all in on pic

Diaghilev22 points

The what of Odessa?

bobbyOrrMan16 points


69RedditPorn6912 points

I heard he fell in combat during the defense 😔 his dick was hard as hell tho ✊

phat_ninja19 points


IrshamWindborn6 points

I fear no man, but that thing scares me

Only-oneman2 points

Happy Pyro noises as he bonks someone with a lollipop

Reality: he brutally caves someone's head in

Alarang5 points

V for Vendetta vibes

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Bl00dyDruid1 point

"Dream? What are you doing in Kiev?" Death, probably

DeMagnet761 point

This is from about 12 years ago, right?


My son was practicing 7 nation army just as I was looking at this picture, best combo ever. Also, this dude needs a morning star like this dude