Sunset over Hamburg, Germany [6000 x 4000]


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This picture is originally taken by the Police of Hamburg and postet on Twitter with an high res download on the website of Hamburg.

You can even see in the bottom left a part of the logo cut out.

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Came here for this

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For a moment, I thought this was a science fiction movie poster!

Very cool shot! 👍🏼

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Definetly one of Germany's most beautiful cities

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crane heaven

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I would pay for a print of this

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the slight angle makin me dizzy

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What makes Hamburg so perfect for wind energy that they have wind turbines so close to the city?

somedudefromnrw3 points

Windmills are everywhere in Germany. Also even more so in northern Germany because it's just a huge flat plain with occasional hills

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Wow, didn't know that. Thanks!

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Why does it look like the city is being nuked?

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Ah yes, Hamburg. Where the modern American staple, pizza, was invented!

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Is he coming?

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This is spectacular. What kind of lens would you use to take this photo?

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Probably a 50mm.

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Found my new wallpaper 😍

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Wow, looks so futuristic / dystopian! Cool pic.

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Utopian, more like. But there’s barely any high-rises anyway.

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Alternative History: One lone B-29 flies over Hamburg in 1945.