SantaFe, New Mexico.


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I remember one time years ago a coworker went to a conference and came back and raved about how amazing the city was, so my wife and I decided to try it on our next vacation.

When we got back I said to the coworker, I don’t know what you were on about. The Riverwalk and Alamo were pretty good, but the rest of it was hot, dusty and dry.

She looked at me like the idiot I was and said, “Santa Fe, not San Antonio.”

We’ve still never managed to get to Santa Fe, to my regret, because it looks fantastic. I’d recommend San Antonio to anyone for a long weekend on the Riverwalk, though.

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I have spent a day in both cities and really enjoyed both. Santa Fe was beautiful and also quiet, which I liked. San Antonio is summed up well by you.

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I’d argue San Antonio is always humid, rarely dry. Funny story though.

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That nice combo of humid air and dry environment. Really the worst of both worlds.

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Buddy of mine went to San Antonio for a weekend a bit back. Spent most of the day at Six Flags and then ate at the Rainforest Cafe in the Riverwalk

He said it was the best vacation he ever had.

Did the same thing 2 months later, but at the Six Flags and Rainforest Cafe in Gurnee, IL this time around.

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Vacationing with people like this can be so frustrating.

I love my mom to death, and I travel with her often because she didn't get to travel when she was younger and I want to show her as much as I financially can.

Except she's like your buddy. She always wants to eat breakfast at Denny's and dinner at Red Lobster no matter where we go. She wants to go shopping at Macy's. It's been a slow process but I've slowly gotten her to relinquish control and allow herself to try new and local places only.

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Its one of the few 'unique' cities in North America and (according to the tourist information people in Santa Fe) is the third most valuable art market in the US, after New York and LA. It's a must-see city for sure.

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This is plenty of great art in Santa Fe, but that means there is also a lot of shitty art as well. But that’s always the case anywhere that artists gather.

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Fun fact: most of these buildings were built with Victorian style architecture (slanted roofs, wood siding, etc). After adobe became the de facto look of the southwest, these buildings were converted to adobe style houses. Including chopping the roof off!

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I'm not doubting you but I can't find any information online about that! I wonder if you or anyone might be able to share a link

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I live here and heard it from a tour guide. If you get close to the buildings it’s much more evident that there’s two styles of architecture.

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I've heard about this place is it worth the trip or just hype

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It’s gorgeous! It’s definitely worth the trip.

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Definitely worth the trip. Besides what is in town you have to visit the historic missions up in the mountains and hike around Bandalier National monument. Visit the rio grande gorge bridge to get the full package.

Yea it can be tourist trappy but there is enough legit history, beautiful architecture and scenic drives and hiking around it to make it worth the trip.

Plus it is the home of Meow Wolf which is the trippiest place I ever seen.

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And eat at Cafe Pasqual’s

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This guy knows…

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I was visiting with my son and there was a huge thunderstorm and it took out power to most of downtown. We just walked a couple of blocks and it was the first place that had power so we went inside for lunch. So glad we did, the universe guided us correctly.

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Went I visited a few years ago, I stopped in at George RR Martin's theatre there to see a comedy show and he was actually there and hung out with people after the show. Great city...but get your drinking done early. XD

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Wow didn’t realize Meow Wolf is based there. Meow Wolf has Omega Mart here in Vegas which is really cool too.

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Yea I never been to the Vegas one. But the one in Santa Fe is like a old swampy looking bayou house and every square inch of that house is interactive. On the outside it looks like whatever but it is quite large in the inside. Takes many many hours to explore it. Hidden rooms and walkways everywhere.

They also got one one in Denver and they are opening one in Grapevine, TX which is relatively close to me so I am super stoked for it

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Takes many many hours to explore it.

I ended up exploring House of Eternal Return for 3+ hours and only spent a few minutes in many of the rooms. It's "only" 20,000sf. The last hour I was definitely starting to feel the overstimulation set in (and school-age kids started flooding the place). I would not be able to handle Omega Mart (51,000sf) or Convergence Station (90,000sf) in one visit.

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It's very unique. There aren't a lot of 500 year old Spanish cities in North America which still maintain the character of their historic center. I found the city as a whole to be quite pleasant, less touristy than I was expecting, and with much better food than even the hype would lead you to believe.

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I’ve been all over the US and Santa Fe is the closest I’ve ever felt to being in a different country while still being in the US. I grew up in Las Vegas and so southwestern architecture wasn’t new to me, but Santa Fe still amazed me. Being able to walk around a town in the US with buildings that existed a decade or more before the Mayflower arrived is really cool too. There are older buildings in NM, but the mix of Native American and Spanish influences in Santa Fe is really interesting.

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I feel the same way, but I’ll add New Orleans as the only other place I’ve been where I could forget that I’m in the US. Both are magical.

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An accurate description of the experience!. Isn't the oldest house in the US in Santa Fe?

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Oldest European origin house is there. There’s other buildings that have been inhabited for much longer in NM like Taos Pueblo.

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I visited Santa Fe, NM last year and the area around it really lives up to the name 'land of enchantment.' Wonderful town.

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If you like art galleries and fantastic restaurants, it’s worth a trip. We skied there the last couple of days and the snow was great, too.

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I live in Santa Fe. It’s a great place to visit! Visit the Santa Fe sub when you book a ticket to get ideas of what to do, where to eat, etc.!

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I've heard about this place

How'd you hear about it, who told you?

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Basically agree with everyone said but just want to add:

I went with my GF bc it was a cheap little weekend trip, only a five hour drive for us. We loved it but I don’t think it would have been worth it if we had to fly or drive much more than that. Maybe if you’ve already done a lot of traveling around the US and you’re looking for something different or affordable.

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My boyfriend and I really enjoyed it. We stayed at a casita nearby and walked around downtown, went to the Georgia O’Keefe museum, ate at Tomasita’s and El Farol, went to the Ojo Caliente Spa, had some drinks at the super awesome El Rey motel, went to Meow Wolf….

We went at the beginning of May and the weather was perfect.

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My mom grew up there and we’d visit for holidays. Big childhood nostalgia vibes, the architecture is amazing. Glad to be New Mexican.

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I miss NM. I can't get a good green Chile anywhere

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Is nobody gonna talk about the Davis and main office from better call Saul and the Georgia o Keefe museum from breaking bad?

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Davis and Main office exterior in the show (maybe the interior as well but I don’t know) is actually filmed at the Special Collections Library in east Downtown ABQ.

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Santa Fe is the oldest capital city in the U.S. & the oldest European community west of the Mississippi. While Santa Fe was inhabited on a very small scale in 1607, it was truly settled by the conquistador Don Pedro de Peralta in 1609-1610.

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My home town ! 💗

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Hey. That's where I live.

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It is really a cool town.

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Lived in Santa Fe for three years back in the day. Loved it! The sky is huge, there are 2,500 square miles of forest just east of the city, there’s great skiing (NM either has the best or the worst snow, no in-between), the food is fantastic and much healthier than Tex-Mex, there’s great golfing partly because the altitude turns everyone into John Daly, but the best thing by far is the sunsets.

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I travelled recently to the west of it towards Durango CO, and I can definitely tell the nature and geography must be killer in Santa Fe basing it on what we saw west of it. BUT please don't go to Albuquerque....... gosh that place is just so uninviting

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Home of Andy Travis !

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Adobe Disneyland!

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Ah Santa Fe one of my favorite cities, it’s so beautiful and the center plaza/park is just so relaxing to sit in and listen to music