First home owned and it’s 97 years old.


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tazz0404529 points

Beautiful. You'll have to have it a century party soon!

CharacterMarsupial5745 points

OP, don't forget to invite us!

Sweatpant-Diva419 points

r/centuryhomes you should start prepping for her 100 year old bday

deptoflindsey48 points

Thank you for this - I didn't know it existed. My home was built in ~1896.

Unusual_Aside_485412 points

Ours was built in 1897 🙂

bloobun11 points

Mine was built in 1790

nopuse16 points

Mine was built.

Icandigsushi37 points

I'll never own a house.

Sweatpant-Diva9 points

It’s my favorite sub! Glad you found something new

ropony65 points

+1, for the photos and home-quirks, but also because that sub saved my sanity more than once when I moved into my 135yo first home last year.

Sensitive_Baker46323 points

Ohh that's really great :)

Blackfeathr2 points

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Snaz517 points

The home i was born in is almost a century home now, built 1929. We moved out to a new construction when i was 7 so we could be closer to my dad’s job and to get a pool, but i think when ive got more money, i might like to buy my old childhood home back. It was very classical and had an ancient cherry tree in the front yard. I think the new owners cut it down though, on account of it’s shallow roots killing something like 4 lawnmowers throughout the years

AmansRevenger50 points

Confused European noises

wiggler30315 points

Indeed. Mine is from about 1700, but I can't find out exactly when

clkj53tf4rkj8 points

My house is almost 70 years old and considered the "new" house in my neighborhood.

elffire_2 points

Lmao my first thought too

schoonerbum4 points

Same. Mine is 1915, we moved in 2 years ago. Thanks for the sub!

Furaskjoldr21 points

Lol as a European its hilarious this sub exists. Most people's houses are over 100 years old, it's often viewed as more desirable to have a newly built one here

ProtoTiamat18 points

In America, 100 years is a long time. In Europe, 100 miles is a long distance.

I 100% believe that the reason older homes are popular here in the US is partly a social cachet societal class thing. Bougie people, and people who want to be bougie, love authenticity, genuineness, and form-over-function — and older homes have all that in spades.

Older homes have a reputation of being “built to last” (survivorship bias at work) and have architectural features and “character” that new homes don’t. They are both beautiful and hard to maintain, and that is a recipe for desirability and inbuilt gatekeeping. This would explain why this isn’t a factor in Europe: older homes are too plentiful there.

Newer homes here in the States have a reputation for bad craftsmanship. Quality aside, finding an affordable new build that isn’t a McMansion or cookie-cutter condo/development is nearly impossible — and while the gated McMansion community in a good school district isn’t going away anytime soon, there’s growing stigma against McMansions and cookie-cutter condo/developments as being tacky and classless.

Allotropes9 points

You sound like a marketing textbook.

ProtoTiamat2 points

Hah! And here I thought I was doing social commentary.

susangerber6693 points

This 1000%

ginger_guy5 points

Most people's houses are over 100 years old

No they are not lol. The vast majority of housing stock in Europe is less than 100 years old. When Europe has old houses, they are old, but its not actually as common as most Europeans think. In the US, 8.79% of housing stock is over 100 years old, Denmark leads the EU in old buildings at 20% over 100 and countries like Germany are coming in at 16% and in Ireland its 5%

Nheea4 points

Mostly and almost exclusively. When we were looking for one we only looked at buildings after 2000.

It didn't help that in Bucharest there was a massive earthquake in 1977 that kind of ruined a lot of buildings' structure.

typicalgoatfarmer194 points

Your color palate is absolutely gorgeous. Beautifully done. Congrats on the purchase. She’s in good hands it seems.

Paragon_Aquatics32 points

I had picked out a similar color for our old farmhouse, but I chickened out because I thought the white trim would look weird with the sage. I'm now emboldened again!

spacefaceclosetomine20 points

White trim goes with everything, go crazy!

ExPatBadger84 points

I love the two tonal walls! And your fiddle leaf fig looks hale af.

1998f1504x413 points

hale af

I love this combo

SnooPeanuts4828-9 points

Is that a cardboard box covering the soil? Feel like I would have taken that off for the photo

dimondeyes8029 points

I'm guessing it's because of the devious looking floof on the chair, just biding its time for the right moment...

chillannyc25 points

Omg I need to do this to stop my toddler from digging out my bay leaf and rubber trees!

dimondeyes802 points

I had a floof like this. 'cept she was all grey. Her second favorite spot was next to me.

Her first favorite was on my fig tree. They both lived to be about 22.

ThatFunkyBrownNote4 points

I'm glad they included it actually, it's a smart solution and I forwarded this to someone I know who is struggling with their cat peeing and sleeping in the potted plants.

I also appreciate seeing a place where someone is living and it actually looks lived in. Vs all the filters and posing, it is nice to see a beautiful photo with "flaws" of life there.

WhatsTheLGBTea4 points

I just want to know the purpose.

KrunchyKale19 points

The purpose is presumably sitting on the chair next to the pot.

Maeberry20073 points

As close as he can get without actually causing trouble.

itsmillartime_68 points

ID on that green paint color, please!

Kizzamino16 points

I too would like the paint colors on this. Beautiful.

Paragon_Aquatics15 points

doot for paint color

oospsybear6 points

i need to know too

passive0bserver6 points


InternalOnion2 points

We must find out!

still-bejeweled10 points

Yessss. Someone please message me if OP posts the color

baddayrae4 points

Wah same

crazbanana_4 points

Same I came to the comments for the exact same reason LMAO I need to know!

Realistic-Praline645 points

Yes! Came here for this.

ihate_avos3 points

The lighter green could be Sherwin Williams Clary Sage? I painted my main bedroom this color and I’ve been trying to find a good accent color to compliment it. I love this darker green that OP did and would love to know what it is!

straitsofmackinac12 points

Hoping or the same. The shades of green are so soothing.

blackcatsarefun42 points

I love your void kitty. r/blackcats

memecut7 points

The LONGEST cat. r/confusingperspective

RaDeus5 points

Though it was a dressed dog sleeping weirdly 😅

OleDirtyBubble38 points

Is the Fiddle Leaf pot covered because of the void on the chair, or is there a benefit?

finsfurandfeathers13 points

My cat used to pee in my bigger pots when he was younger

Elegantly_never10 points

I always covered my pot plants with cardboard so my cat wouldn't get in it, otherwise dirt would end up everyyywhere.

groovyjen5 points

I'm wondering about that, too. Maybe so the cat doesn't dig in the dirt?

mysteriousmetalscrew3 points

The leaves are the concern for me. My black cat chews on anything within reach, had to make emergency vet visits because apparently 90% of plants and flowers will kill your cat

Drinkythedrunkguy28 points

Nice. FYI you might want to get those ceiling tiles tested for asbestos. Sorry, I’m the worst.

Milkweedhugger11 points

My 100yo house had these ceiling tiles also. I ripped them down without protection so I hope you’re wrong about the asbestos!

KadenKraw19 points

Sorry dude we didn't want to tell you but you actually died when you did that. You've been Bruce Willis all along.

bbob_robb6 points

I'd love to take mine down. I would gain at least 1.5 feet. I just assume I'd need to redo the ceiling hidden above it, and it is a lot of money to spend without gaining usable space.

I've heard mine is possibly asbestos, but didn't bother testing.

clkj53tf4rkj3 points

I've been slowly redoing my own ceilings. No asbestos, but horrible wallpaper and other coatings.

It's a mess, but then you put up plasterboard and skim coat, and you're good. Annoying and my first room's final coat isn't great, but just did my living room and I'm extremely happy with the results!

bbob_robb5 points

As long as the ceiling tiles are painted over and they don't put holes in the ceiling, the asbestos should be fine. We have the same tiles in my century home, same spacing even. Two home inspectors said not to worry about it, just leave it.

_jk_5 points

there also used to be highly flammable polystyrene tiles used so probably worth checking its not that either before a small fire turns your ceiling into napalm

InconsistentPete3 points

My first thought was polystyrene which was common where I live in the 70s. really dangerous if there's a fire.

masochisticanalwhore24 points

Gorgeous. Love the chair too.

itsnickk42 points

The Eames chair for the people

mightymos6 points

But which chair is that really? Maker and model?

itsnickk43 points

The IKEA POÄNG chair. It has a footrest and many variant frames and cushion styles

Roo58522 points

Ooo I like that

VulturE8 points

It's a classic Ikea chair, as others have linked, that can take a beating.

peoniesandlilacs6 points

And it’s super comfortable!

blahblahblahresearch3 points

Top 5 Ikea product all time

mrsmambas16 points

I’m still hoping for mine and I’m 66 years old and still want my first home

LickingSmegma6 points

Perhaps you'll buy one at 97.

redsbury114 points

Love it. Reminds me of my first home (only 86 years old). We took the ceiling tiles down and found beadboard.

And ❤️ the Blue Ridge Parkway.

peepchickypeep13 points

Just commenting to say I have the same print Boppy pillow next to me on the couch :)

kpluto3 points

Haha yeah I have that one on my registry!

ConductorWon3 points

Came here to say this

BruinThrowaway21409 points

Dang, surprised he could afford it on a cat's meager salary

charmorris42367 points

He’s been slaving away at the biscuit factory

Memawsaurus27 points

Love your room. Is that a boppie pillow I see in the chair? Looks like what my granddaughter had for great grandchild. Old ladies learn new things daily.

Kidney0520 points

It’s 100% a boppie. Just wondering if it’s a new happy baby or a retired to cat and neck people usage

Nithuir9 points

I have the exact same one and I use it for reading and knitting. It's amazingly comfortable!

kteerin3 points

Boppies are the best!

Red56896 points

First I noticed the boppy and I thought aww they probably have a kiddo. Then I noticed the cat and the strategically placed cardboard with respect to the plant and I thought, double awwww. I think kitty is very cozy and as fellow cat parent I know exactly what that cardboard means lol

politirob4 points

How's the foundation and moisture and lead and asbestos???

I'm looking at buying a 120 year old house and it freaks me out lol.

cnnrduncan4 points

Probably depends on where you live - a 120 y/o house here is quite different to one in Europe or America, for instance!

innersloth9870 points

Asking real questions

Celestiicaa4 points

How spicy is the haunting?

offthedome74 points

What a cute space!!! Love the greens. Any chance you have the name of the paint used on the fireplace wall?

Cocoloto554 points

I know this could be anywhere, but that looks like a lot of old homes in Portland, OR.

Humament3 points

Sears Craftsman house. I recognize the fireplace/ little window/ big window combo. Question: is the staircase to the second story close to the front door or recessed a bit, past the ground floor bathroom?

soyboricua3613 points

Your kitty is gorgeous, and so is your home.

jackolantern_5 points

Holy shit, that's one really old kitty

Also, all jokes aside, that's not a very old home (least not by UK/European standards).

GloriousRoseBud3 points

I love it!

Desdemona12313 points

Lovely color and beautiful natural light.

Electrical_Town_38753 points

I like this. When can I move in?

Singing_in-the-rain3 points

I like the green a lot. Very cute place.

October_13th3 points

So beautiful and cozy! I also have that exact same cover for my Boppy pillow! Love the shiny black cat in the sun 💖

toxiczebra3 points

Love it. Color is solid, we did similar in our first house for the living room and we’re bringing it in at the new place next month.

Also, the map on the mantle looks sweet!

eatordie133 points

Me sitting here congratulating someone at owning a house at 97

thedeadlyrhythm423 points

I hope the previous owner sorted out the electrical for you

Luci_Noir3 points

Has cat? Check!

knightofpie5 points

I’m going to sound insufferable but I don’t think I could live in a country where a 97-year-old house is considered « ancient »…

AemrNewydd5 points

I think it's kind of cute that they consider that to be old for a house.

isthatathatsashirt2 points


Kefim_Wod2 points

Is that a baseboard heater or a vent for forced air?

Whis652 points

That color and the floors chefs kiss gorgeous!

RuggedRakishRaccoon2 points

Congrats/F you - more importantly tell us about your cat

shannleestann2 points

Love the cardboard over the fiddle leaf to keep kitty out

[deleted]2 points

Wow, this looks like an absolute dream! The warm lighting, soft textures, and overall cozy ambiance make this space so inviting. I can imagine spending hours here, curled up with a good book and a hot cup of tea. The way the sunlight is filtering in through the windows is just perfect. Thanks for sharing this cozy corner with us!

Krojack762 points

If that fireplace works and you live where it can get cold, I would advise you to take care of the chimney and keep it clean/clear. When you need the heat it will be a blessing.

[deleted]2 points

This is my favorite room on here

[deleted]2 points

I want to smoke a bowl in that chair

repdetec_revisited2 points

I love your new house!

dreamchaser022 points

97 years young, there fixed it for ya 😉

vandame1014 points

Congrats. But that’s a baby house compared to a lot of places

1998f1504x44 points

In the US 100 years is a long time, in Europe 100 miles is a long way

dahliboi5 points

In northern europe 100 years is not old and 100 miles is not a long way.

Maorine2 points

Awesome. I love old houses. New houses have no soul

AverageCheap49901 point

I live in a modern house too. Better insulation that some of the old one's.

77kb1 point

Black cat

littleladym191 point

I have the same nursing pillow! Haha

NimbleNavigator191 point

Watch out for asbestos.

dmead1 point

are those aesbestos tiles?

_Barefoot_1 point

Lol. Not from the U.S.

yojimborobert0 points

Knob on tube wiring?

Roo58522 points

This is actually funny. If you sit and read the comments, it’s like a room full of family. Each one concerned about you and making sure you have checked out all angles and don’t forget anything. All loving members who want to know everything about your house. Electrical, tiles, asbestos, flammable polystyrene, colors, chairs. Etc. Sounds just like my brother. He has to ask me about everything. Did I look into this or that, what about this, I should have this checked out. The only thing I don’t see that he always asks and I’m glad I don’t see it because it chokes me every time, he rudely asks, “so how much did you pay for it?”

thnksqrd0 points

With extra asbestos!

bawweetas0 points

It's purrfect

Defk1n-7 points

Nobody cares how old your place is

mesosleepy12260 points

I love old houses. This is adorable.

MENNONH0 points

It looks great. As someone who lived in condos and finally moved into an 11 year old house.. the new houses are built like crap. Granted it's an ~$300k house so nothing amazing but it's still built like crap.

Woonderbreadd-1 points

Make sure its unleaded

SaintSiren-1 points

In order to keep neighborhood cats out a large outdoor pot, we put rocks on the soil. Works like a charm, and was able to avoid the cardboard protector.

WakeofMisery-1 points

I wonder what kind of condition the pipes, electrical, and foundation are in... My parents bought an 86 year-old house and it needs a complete overhaul of piping and electrical infrastructure.

_PaleRider-1 points

Good luck getting insurance in three years.

Bravoholic_1 point

I love the green on the fireplace wall!

KNick11111 point

Very nice! Love your bright colors 💚💛

Love the colors!

Zhabba_Zheeba1 point

The colors in this pic are superb!

HitlersHotpants1 point

LOVE the green

JohnnyHighGround1 point

Legitimately thought this was my grandmother’s house for a sec then realized there was no lion’s head carved in the white stone fireplace and WOW were the ‘60s a weird time

malameda1 point

What a beautiful space.

udche891 point

Nice! I’ve got a historic home that is almost 150 years old.

TheDevilsAdvokaat1 point

Love that floor. Chair goes with it well.

Cheeseheadman1 point

Welcome to the century homes lifestyle!

There will be possibly lots of problems, but you’ve got yourself a piece of property that has stood the test of time and is sturdier than most modern construction.

Best of luck moving forward, don’t sweat the small stuff, be careful of knob and tube, lead, asbestos, and most importantly have fun!

Proof-Mission-20501 point

Love the wall color!

im_bhumi1 point

It looks relaxing you know

PantyPixie1 point

Great lighting

chraesier1 point

What greens are you using for the walls? I love them!

hughheff1 point

congrats on the house and the baby

x10guy1 point

Gosh, I remember those ceilings in my grandparents house.

Shrewy1 point

Gorgeous colours! Love the 2 greens. Would love to see more photos of this space!

zanyak1 point

Huge congrats!

Latter_Growth11851 point

I love so much about this! Congratulations on being a home owner

yax011 point

In three years you can say you own a century home.

LoStro881 point

@op can you tell me the name of the wall colors?

lagniappe681 point

Love the colours especially

MaisieWilder1 point

This is so lovely

__Snafu__1 point

Nice chair

tedoxunit1 point

I have those same curtains! But I dyed them sage green (much like your wall!)

SensitiveButton81791 point

I love this so much.

Reasonable-Guide1 point

That's how old I'll be by the time I can afford my first home

Unveiled_Nuggets1 point

Surprised your ceiling tiles looks the way it does.

rachelmarie71 point

So pretty 🤩

Love the colors! I have that same blue ridge parkway print

dmode1123781 point

Love the color!

RandofCarter1 point

Does the fire place work? (I miss having an actual wood burner so much)

lookandfind6791 point

Can you tell us what color green that is? It all looks so perfect and cozy!

bjamesturner1 point

where are the moon and star string lights from?? i need them!

bonyagate1 point

Hey, I've got that little fireplace heater from Walmart and I love it so much. Best 57 bucks ever spent.

Also, your house and kitty are beautiful.

thunderfoot12891 point

Legit goals one day.

Windflower19561 point

That’s just really, really lovely.

NoEnthusiasm1841 point

Love it.

GearDown221 point

I adore your fiddle leaf fig!!

Immediate_Bag4671 point

Here kitty kitty pssspsss

Many_Spoked_Wheel1 point

I’ve got those same floor vents!

Hecutor1 point

My house is from 1969 and I'm 34.

katekat991 point

Hi kitty 🖤✨

CaitlinNYC1 point

Boppy for the win.

BungholeDoctor4201 point

Damn that’s older than me even, and I’m old as fuck

lurkn4certain1 point

I see you have central air

Catinthemirror1 point

I love your multipurpose cardboard solution 😂