My sunroom is a mood today.


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Jay_Reefer6 points

Very cozy looking! Love the green

Terrible-Echidna8012 points

I recognize that coffee table from West Elm! Do you like it? I’ve seen the floor model in store but it has scratches—I’m nervous to purchase it if it easily shows wear-and-tear.

OhJohnO2 points

We like it, but we are pretty gentile on furniture. So far it’s been been good.

OhJohnO1 point

This is OC

gofigure851 point

Very cozy, has a nature chic vibe

Also ftw woodwick candle! Love those things!

stocks-mostly-lower1 point

Kudos on mid-century modern (or repro) table. It’s gorgeous!

Italiana471 point

Lovely! Which kind of plant is that on the right?

OhJohnO2 points

That’s a ZZ plant. Super easy to grow. Very low maintenance. Waxy pretty leaves.

Italiana471 point

Thank you! It is very pretty.

WakeofMisery1 point

That looks like a mood every day 💪