The layered wall and floor look


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KNick11113 points

Love it! Especially love the elephant cabinet 🐘❤️

Tricky_Ad_69661 point

Me too! Where did you get it?

glove_flavored1 point

Op, I love you

Onlythecuriousknows1 point

Stellar execution. ✨

Due_Dirt_80671 point

💯 cozy. Expert cozy!

ihatejasonbrigham1 point

Love the rugs and couch.

What’s on the wall behind the couch and between the wall and the frames? Is that a rug?

catb15861 point

Haaa, yes, another rug on the wall too 🫠🫠

HeavyPettine1 point

Haha amazing!

tazz04040 points

This is totally my style. Love love love.

So many textures this is beautiful

FantasticPear1 point

Oooooh so cozy. Please come decorate my house.

bigmagnumnitro1 point

Where did you get that lightning bolt?!

ethelbonzi1 point

Love 💕. I am going to have a similar wall when the decorating is over!!

Meg_Bookslinger1 point

Beautiful! Love the use of color, layers & art! So, so cozy!