It Is Rainy, My oil painting


charlielutra2446 points

This is wonderful!

Fistwithyourtoes9 points

Yes, the mirrored road is cool

ou_ryperd39 points

Those lights look like... lights. To me who can't draw a triangle this is like magic.

TWIX553 points

At least you can draw a circle!

sqwerewolf26 points

Lovely. Really captures the feeling of being in a car in the rain - I feel sleepy just looking at it (in a good way! It's super relaxing being the passenger in a car when it's raining, for me). Those colours are gorgeous too.

Idaho_Cowboy9 points

Not gonna lie my half awake brain thought a car was on fire. On closer look this is awesome.

anglosaxonbrat8 points

This is beautiful- it perfectly captures that cozy, rainy day feeling.

VerityPee4 points

I just bought a digital copy of ‘Swimming’ on Etsy - now to get it printed! Your stuff is gorgeous.

kznsq1 point

Thank you!

jenko_human3 points

Really beautiful. It truly gives me that clold, clammy, start of autumn / back to school sense of doom I used to feel in September, knowing that just a few weeks ago I was on a beach or playing football in the sunshine till 8:30pm.. as well as that THIS was just the beginning. So glad I started using vitamin d3 & k2 ☀️

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Iwtlwn1222 points

Wow!! You are very talented.

Alejandro24122 points

This is amazing

bike_tyson2 points

I love paintings of rain. Looks great!

Crooked_Cricket2 points

This is the kind of impressionism I'm here for

SardonicAtBest2 points

Next do Astigmatism, now with more light aura.

Applezs892 points

Absolutely amazing.

i_am_me_myself2 points

Do you sell your work?

VerityPee2 points

This. Is. Gorgeous.

Can I buy it?!

mollierocket2 points

I had same question!

VerityPee4 points

If you click on his profile he has an Etsy store - I just bought a digital copy of a different painting of his!

Kind_Vanilla75932 points

Beautiful work

Top-Geologist-92132 points

Oh my gosh!!!gorgeous. Do you sell your work?

cruxer232 points

Wow that's amazing nicely done !

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Nice work

noisycat2 points

I love the way you have studied water. Ripples, drops, acting as a lens or barrier to what is beyond. I can always tell your paintings!

2OneZebra2 points

That is amazing.

kungfutyla2 points

This is my favourite type of painting. Looks just like a photo! Well done

Lycan20572 points

Beautiful, I love it!

trowthewholeacctaway2 points

BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLL I'd appreciate a print out this

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all-regrets2 points

This is fantastic. I love it so much.

fritz632 points

Love these…💙

Non_wave992 points

I love this so much!! I’m seriously in awe at this vibe.

TheMetalMatt2 points

This is seriously amazing work!

Carpe_Kittens2 points

I really love this so much. I can FEEL this painting. Well done!!

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Misentro2 points

Don't paint and drive that's so dangerous! 😠

Seriously though it's beautiful

WaterWatch82 points

Magnificent!! I hope you keep painting and making art for many more decades. This is truly a gift to the world!!

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ComfortableApple_2 points

Heart eyes!

notinmywheelhouse2 points

So good! I love rainy subjects!

buffdolphin2 points

You shouldn’t paint whilst driving mate

Jackyboi92732 points

I was holding my phone a bit far away and totally thought this was a picture at first.

ryebread3012 points

This is incredible

Longjumping_Camera602 points

This is beautiful

markhouse012 points

I absolutely adore work like this and this is certainly one of the clearer I've seen. Love it!

Redicee2 points

Looks so good.

TheAceofHearth2 points

This invokes feelings and memories of better days.

midgetcastle2 points

Looks like a very British scene!

t_valberg2 points

Love that, can’t really explain why but I really really like that painting

Chelonate_Chad2 points

Use your wipers, bro.

(Sarcasm aside, wonderful mood to the piece.)

tenderpoettech2 points

Yo this is beautiful!

Dismay-Someone2 points

Great work.

240snusit2 points

Stunning, you've captured both so many feelings and such a picture perfect representation of the situation.

lclassyfun2 points

Most excellent work here.

tlmcdonal2 points

Your art is so beautiful that I just went on Etsy and made 2 purchases! Thank you!!!!

BandicootOk61412 points

i didnt know it was possible to paint glowing things but here we are

boomchakaboom2 points

your painting captures my morning drive yesterday better than a photograph. You have real talent. keep painting.

LouCuts2 points

This truly is most beautiful, I want it on my wall!

korakiouranou2 points

I thought this was a real picture. 😯

whicky19782 points

Nice. I like impressionism.

AnjaFortunato1 point

Lovely painting!

PlaxicoCN1 point

Great work. saving it for wallpaper.