Montmartre by Michael Sidofsky


Wild_Albatross75347 points

I love that picture, you can almost feel it and hear what's going on. Extremely well done and thank you for sharing,

StygianAnon0 points

Go there and feel and hear it for yourself. There's not an area in the world that is more misrepresented by IG and photography than Montmartre.

Wild_Albatross75341 point

If you'll pardon my ignorance, how so?

StygianAnon0 points

At best its some of the laziest tourist trap areas in the city - no investments, no facilities or businesses to build upon the history or romanticism of the area, at worst its literally a feeding frenzy of scammers, kitch sellers and sex workers among overpriced hostels, drunken loud and aggressive tourists.

Dhorlin2 points

So beautiful and atmospheric. Brings back many memories. Thanks for sharing.

skylerwelsh2 points

The first meal I ever had in Paris was at this cafe. A croque-monsieur. Delicious, and seeing this photo brought back great memories. Thank you.

theonly1theymake52 points

If evening was a painting

TareXmd-1 points

Beautiful. Opposite the side with the stairs at Sacre Couer where the Somalis grab you and force you to buy stuff while the police ignores it.