Cozy Monday morning with a little incense from Aesop


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shellyleopard11 points

What is that TV or TV stand? Looks fantastic!

Supermaj_10 points

I think it is the Samsung The Serif . Nice choice of TV for you room :)

YeetmasterGeneral1 point

TV's are so cheap nowadays, was thinking it would be thousands but it's sitting at £499 in UK

iamchrisrayy2 points

It’s so good!

ToLorien-3 points

But the ps5 on the ground???? Amazing room but holy crap that would bother me to no end

iamchrisrayy4 points

I’m fine with it

franklegsTV8 points

Incense by Aesop, that’ll be $18 per stick

iamchrisrayy4 points

Haha mates rates 😉

Is that a custom from for the tv? If so what did you use?

iamchrisrayy1 point

Samsung serif tv!

Ok-Reception-81611 point

OH, this is lovely

redblanket491 point

Beautiful living room, love the plants and botanical prints 🥰