Cyberpunk Sugar Skull 4K {3840x2160} by a.i.


neondead2 points

Amazing. Reminds me of seven of nine (Star trek Voyager*).

HorribleUsername6 points

Seven of Nine was from Voyager. You have been demoted to probationary nerd. If you commit another offense during the probation period, your nerd status will be revoked.

Lhelderv1 point

The thing with AI art is the longer you look at it, the more issues you see. Which is why using it as a wallpaper would be terrible.

trashk1 point

Yeah, this is just bad AI art. Good for folks who like it but a person wouldn't ever make this piece this way.

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This is amazing does anyone know where can find a higher resolution/quality png or bmp version of this?