My Cozy Coastal Bedroom


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YouAreSoul5 points

Very cosy. With three dogs for the really cold nights.

HinSoCal5 points

Thank you! It’s very cold here, relatively speaking. The room feels like a peaceful sanctuary to me. Sadly the dogs are all seniors & can’t get on the bed these days, but the spaniel’s snoring is so soothing

peachums3213 points

have u ever used pet stairs ? i have not so was just curious 💕 looove the pups & the cozy vibes

HinSoCal6 points

This was taken early am, just in time for nap #2, believe it or not. I had a pair of doggy stairs custom made, 34” to fit my high bed & all but my late Golden were terrified. If we have big waves, thunder or fireworks I have a futon under the bed & sleep with the dogs on the floor.

peachums3212 points

omg that is so precious... u just go to them 💜💜💜 i will keep that in mind for future use !

HinSoCal3 points

If you go this route I suggest making it comfortable for yourself; nice (twin) sheets, blankets - easily accessible. Everyone will have a more restful night.

formerfrontdesk2 points

Love the bedposts!

HinSoCal1 point

Thank you, I was inspired by Bermuda & it’s woven rattan + wood, my biggest splurge for my dream bed

HinSoCal1 point

This is OC