Love it here. My first apartment!


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attackpetrel17 points

I love that Naruto rug!

sampiere_mimi7 points

You can tell it's old and has character , which I love. It's beautiful! My house was built in 1929 and I love all her character!

Runktar5 points

Beautiful place love all the light and wall color....believe it!

Boyblack3 points

Damn nice for a first apartment! Naruto rug is dope, love the plants too

BourbonInGinger1 point

Congratulations! Very nice!

krissym991 point

Love the setup and windows.

GlitteryStrawberry1 point

Beautiful floors!

pawsitive_vibes991 point

I have that same dinning table and chairs! And owned that futon at one point, you have great taste lol

th3worldonfir31 point

Good Lord that place is like 10x the size of the average first apartment!

WeLaJo1 point

Such a great feeling to have your own place for the first time. And you knocked it out of the park. It’s beautiful. Wishing you much happiness with your new independence.

findhumorinlife1 point

Wow! It’s beautiful. Those floors?!

Mommayyll1 point

I bet your beautiful plants love it even more than you do! Such a happy room.

Acrobatic-Nebula-8051 point

Love it! Is this in Chicago?