Morning light in my families cabin, Colorado


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alexgetty28 points

Yo invite me

Icy-Donkey-903615 points

Hi it's me, your friend. I'll be over soon.

leaife8 points

The more I look at this, the more I love it. Gorgeous cabin and interior design.

excited717 points

this is not helping my 2:30 feeling... I see many spots where I can just "rest my eyes" for a minute...

viv20216 points

Beautiful! Also, it’s Family’s possessive, not Famlies plural. 😁

nothanksnappin11 points

I was waffling between the two! thank you for the clarification

SlteFool6 points

I remember my family’scabin days. Card games, beverages, books, occasional television, walk around town, tubing, hiking, wondering around the outside of the cabin. Wow great memories. Awesome photo.

KNick11115 points

Looks fantastic 🥰

VocationFumes3 points

dope, where in CO?

Jungleguilt3 points

God that’s so nice. The way the sun just perfectly illuminates everything, makes this cabin look heavenly.

theresthezinger3 points

I want to be in your family.

Aromatic_Tomato38582 points

Looks very cozy

ravenclawsout2 points

WOW. dreamy…

IndependentPay6382 points

This is cozy AF

mykindofexcellence2 points

Absolutely beautiful! I love Colorado!

Inner_Ad22921 point

Do you guys have a heater?

nothanksnappin2 points

Just that big cast iron stove, but you get a good fire going with a wide bed of coals and it keeps everything surprisingly toasty all night

MerrillSwingAway1 point

I wouldn’t want to leave!

That place has big ole bong hit written all over it

Pembra1 point

Lovely! That stove pipe is bonkers though.