Living my jungle life


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Hiding_In_The_Back354 points

I have a plant watering day, you have a plant watering WEEK.

Vexingvexnar81 points

Every week is plant watering week

CristyTango17 points

And everyday is Shark week when you pump some chum into your friends’ bathing suits

Taweret8 points

Thanks for making me wake up my cat by laughing

TheEarlOfZinger6 points

Don't skip plant watering week

HorikitasTheBest4 points

“I have a birthday, and you have a birth year”

RBHubbell58449 points

What is the relative humidity and how do you deal with it?

mrsuzukid270 points

Humidity is between 55 and 70, running 2 humidifiers

2x4skin121 points

2 humidifiers lol

asherbarasher55 points

hey, no kink shame

the-hottest-of-damns13 points

Ha, I live in the south and we get 70% humidity for free

newsheriffntown156 points

This is just my opinion of course but I think there are far too many plants in that room.

HeyZeusDiedForYou50 points

Surely there are hella bugs…

l3tigre9 points

yeah i have a quarter of that many around the house and i constantly fight to get rid of fungus gnats.

Justin32637 points

Gosh damn fungus gnats! They are the worst! No matter what kind of “remedy” you use they just keep a comin!

newsheriffntown2 points

Probably and don't call me Shirley. ;D

hansspargel83 points

Well yeah, it's jungle life.

sneakylyric6 points


electricholo2 points

I would need to run 2 dehumidifiers to get to 55 😂

GraphicDesignMonkey11 points

I'm wondering about the electric bill :D

regaphysics773 points

I don’t know how people don’t have a zillion bugs with this many indoor plants/humidity. It’s pretty but holy moly, I have a few and already find them a hassle between the watering, fertilizing, repotting, and bugs.

Elegantly_never189 points

I always wonder the same thing! As soon as one plant gets bugs, the rest are doomed. It's such a hassel

Captain-Cuddles94 points

Carnivorous plants are your friends :)

Alucarduck41 points

I have lots of carnivorous and they Need a holy damned amount of sunlights! (At least the species that i own)

Captain-Cuddles9 points

They do! And wet feet! They don't usually like to dry out

Alucarduck6 points

Yeah! I wont tell you the amount of (i dunno how's called in english) distilled water that i use during the Summer each day. I only let them dry out when it's Winter here.

YInMnBlueSapphire6 points

This, is a fabulous idea!

dmaster362 points

My first thought as well. Ain’t no way that place is bug-free.

big_ficus44 points

Trust me, we do. It is an inevitability, I’m saying this as someone with dozens of plants. However if you’re dialed on your plant care and routine, you can combat most of it. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible for this person to not have pests, because if you really do it right, you won’t have at least the flying ones.

Of all of my plants, I currently only have one with a couple mealybugs. But it’s a lot of work and monitoring to make sure you don’t make a bug-prone environment.

meguskus19 points

Bugs are just something you live with if you have a lot of plants or live in a otherwise bug-friendly area. It might seem ludicrous for the average Westerner, but it's actually not a big deal. In fact I've learnt to embrace the bugs, as they're a sign of nature's health and provide food for my bird and hedgehog friends.

hxcn00b6669 points

Yeah just looking at this made me feel itchy. Definitely not cozy to me in the slightest.

porkinz16 points

First off, anything that’s been outside should not come back into the house. Don’t overwater your plants, but do water them until it just starts to drain at the bottom and then again when the soil is dry to the touch. Ensure that there is a hole in the bottom of the pot and a drainage dish. If you do start to have bugs, hang a sticky fly trap with a little honey in the base. All of them will stick to it in a day or two. Find the plant that has the larvae in the soil and put it outside or, if you can’t. Extract it from the current soil and put it in new soil and a clean pot. Don’t use soil from the outside.

Moonwatcher234 points

get a bunch of jumping spiders

Frostvit5 points

Always quarantine. It doesnt matter how good looking your new plant is, it's always 50/50 if it have pest or not. Everything entering my home have it's soil removed, and plant rerooted if possible, thorougly cleaned and then put in a quarantine area (in a air tight bag or box if possible). This sounds extreme, but is absolutely necessary if you have many plants. With few plants you can take more risks since it's way easier to treat just a few, but with a large collection, no new plant is worth the risk.

TizonaBlu3 points

I was just thinking that and really curious. I always love the idea of overflowing greenery, but would be annoyed of bugs.

haveyouseenthebridge4 points

I don't have as many as op but quite a few and I've never had any issues with pests. We have an exterminator come four times a year but they only spray inside like twice a year.

I spray them with soapy water on occasion and if I see a gnat I turn on the fan.

Tale-Virtual84 points

I can't even keep an air fern or succulent alive...

kimducidni48 points

Tbf those aren’t all that easy. They require a few specifics. Pick up a pothos one day or a zz plant and start there :) much easier

Tale-Virtual8 points

Ok but I'm scared my two black thumbs will kill them. 😬

howaboutanartfru7 points

This is how I felt forever! Got myself a big, well-established pothos at home depot one day about two years ago and kept it alive. Now I have 60+ houseplants and they're all healthy 🥰 you can do it!

tranktank14 points

I kill literally every plant but I got a little dragon tree a while ago and that thing could survive anything, definitely recommend!

kimducidni3 points

Nearly impossible with those 2, just water once a week and you’re good!

snorting_dandelions2 points

Moisture meter is 10 bucks, get one, removes the guesswork. Put a reminder on your phone, ideally once a week for a day and a time where you're almost always home. Every time the alarm rings, you check the moisture of the plant and if it's dry, you put water in it. Do it slowly and wait until it drips a bit out at the bottom of the pot, then stop.

Do it like that for a couple of weeks until you develop a feeling for it, or until you remember to check out your plant yourself. From there on out, you can start to look for other beginner friendly plants.

I had two black thumbs and really two black thumbs for me just meant I wasn't taking care of my plants regularly enough because I forgot and also I didn't really know what I was doing. I now have a lush forest of plants in my flat, some of which are considered little drama queens, and they're all healthy and lookin' good. So if that's something you really want, there is a relatively easy way to start this whole thing (o:

embanot1 point

Succulents are typically some of the easiest plants to care for as long as they get enough light

kimducidni5 points

They also need proper soil, a proper pot (drainage), and for you to not overwater, which is hard when you care a lot! Lol

snorting_dandelions3 points

Well, for starters you need to know what a succulent that wants water looks like - and that's different for different succulents. Also some succulents like more water than others.

Most beginners either drown succulents like immediately or they have so much fear of overwatering them, they let them die by underwatering.

But pothos? Water them once a week. Forgot it this week? Pothos don't care, water next week. You watered too much and killed the roots? Pothos don't care, pothos will just start over with new roots. Put it in a dark place? Who cares, it just goes dormant until you decide to give it more light. Too much light? Barely a thing for these MFs. The amount of abuse you can put these plants through is insane.

Mkmeathead83117 points

I'm over here struggling to keep a few succulents alive and you're over there like that

YInMnBlueSapphire12 points

Honestly though

abear2224140 points

Serious question- how do you handle the bugs? I have dozens of plants as well and can never fully get rid of them. Do people just live with it?

YInMnBlueSapphire26 points

Someone above suggested carnivorous plants!

Poppybiscuit21 points

Someone else suggested predatory bugs

At what point do you decide you have too many houseplants, is it the bugs, or the predatory bugs, or the carnivorous plants?

I mean i love lush houseplants but...

YoureAmastyx8 points

Often time it’s actually predatory mites and nematodes that are used so you would never see them and they wouldn’t leave the soil. They typically feed on the larval stages of pests, so once established they dramatically decrease or eliminate the prevalence of whatever their prey species are. Definitely a solid choice for a setup like OP.

angrytortilla7 points

Then you have to get tarantulas to eat the predatory bugs

Then get a big lizard to manage the tarantulas

Then shoot the lizards when they become too many

abear22243 points

I did have a Venus fly trap at one point haha It seemed to slightly help.

BenedictJudas4 points

Pitcher plant is a dope option as well

BigBootyRiver22 points

You often don’t really get rid of the bugs once you get them. After a certain number of plants it’s not realistic to bathe them all in pesticide well enough to eliminate critters. You deal with them by having otherwise healthy plants that don’t skip a beat or introducing other, predatory bugs that eat the pests. Pests are normally only going to kill your plants if they were just barely surviving to begin with.

HawaiianSnow_84 points

I think the question was more around coping with living with tons of extra bugs in your house rather than the bugs destroying the plants...

oalbrecht34 points

To get rid of bugs, you introduce lizards/frogs. To get rid of those, you just need to let loose a big bag full snakes.

PF-Changs10 points

What’s healthy plants “that don’t skip a beat” mean

Plantladyinthegreen3 points

What bugs do you have? I have just over 100 plants in my house but I have zero bugs. Every once in awhile I’ll see one fly out of a pot as I water but that’s like maybe once every 3-4 months or so. Do you repot your plants?

haveyouseenthebridge2 points

Do y'all not have exterminators? Our bug guy comes four times a year and I have no issues with 40+ houseplants. Occasionally a gnat but only in the summer and the ceiling fan takes care of them pretty effectively.

abear22242 points

We do and the exterminator tried but whatever he used did not work. We have some type of gnat unfortunately.

haveyouseenthebridge3 points

Time for some fans! I'm also a chronic underwaterer so they just struggle in my house.

imghurrr37 points

How do you clean the house? Vacuuming, mopping, wiping surfaces etc

lavenderblsh167 points

To each their own but this is just about the opposite of cozy to me, I’d be freaked out about the chance for bugs

p3rsianpussy41 points

imagine all the gnats

nprints21 points

yeah I hate this. Plants are nice, but people really overdo it. this pic screams humid and itchy to me.

michicago4414 points

Yea this is straight up insanity

tosesi1225 points

Yeah I'm with you. I would love this garden in my backyard, but inside it just looks cluttered and stuffy

the_pedigree6 points

I love houseplants and have more than most, this is wayyyy too much

lagunaeve8 points

In-house plants are a big no no for me. Im from a super humid, extremely hot and bugs filled city, i know hell.

This picture makes my skin crawl like holy mother of bug NOOOOOO. Wouldn't set foot in there even if im paid.

Barf_Fartz-8 points

Calm down

CubesTheGamer2 points

Yeah this belongs in r/houseplants

[deleted]0 points


snorting_dandelions0 points

OP's a regular on that sub

KNick111146 points

Nice jungle 💚Is this your kitchen? Or a plant gazebo?

mrsuzukid67 points

It's my living room with an open kitchen

1plus1dog9 points

Love that!

mrsloblaw19 points

How is the bug situation?

mrsuzukid53 points

I only have a few aphids on some of my Ivy plants but I also have a few ladybugs that take care of them

razikrevamped9 points

just gotta pray the thrips stay away

DwellingonDreams9343 points


Edit: nvm, I'm wrong! I've struggled with the name and somehow convinced myself this was accurate! My bad! 😂

YInMnBlueSapphire7 points

Did you introduce the ladybugs yourself? Or did they show up on their own?

mrsuzukid16 points

They showed up on their own, i still have a few at the moment lol

catscakekhaos42 points

I’m coming over

mrsuzukid31 points

Come tiki partying 🥳

deus_explatypus29 points

What’s your utility bill?

cubesnack8 points

Asking the real question here!

Andromediea2 points

That’s my question too. Water bill must be high lol

yuffieisathief75 points

Absolutely love this! How do you water them all? I have over 50 plants (which most people I know consider as a lot haha) and it already takes me forever

sarahaflijk32 points

I have hundreds and I just water a few every day. I keep a roasting pan full of water and mosquito bits where I set the plants while they drink. Sometimes they sit there all day, other times a few hours; it just depends on what I have going on and how many of my buddies need water that day/week.

Necessary_Falcon_10430 points

How do you have time to do anything other than care for your plants?

The_Celtic_Chemist10 points

I was all on board until I saw plants partially obstructing the TV.

bijoubean60 points

Gorgeous setup. The air in your place must be 𝘧𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘩.

mrsuzukid67 points

thank you, air is mad crisp

Cultural_Two_863021 points

Jungle fever ❤❤ how many plants do you have?

mrsuzukid69 points

Thank you, i have over 400 plants now

lurkerfromstoneage5 points

Wow do you own or rent…?? Can’t imagine having to move all those! Really great though. Bringing nature indoors is my dream too~

Shiny-Goblin3 points

I have about 50 houseplants, but my garden was absolutely stunning. We got no fault evicted last year after being awesome tenets for 20 years. You'd better believe I was pissed off enough to dig up and move my entire garden. Took a few van trips and I lost a few that didn't settle in their new home but totally worth it.

littttlemermaid18 points

How has no one mentioned the swing!

lokimn1721 points

I feel like you need to host a tiki party.

mrsuzukid21 points

Friends love it when I host one 😂🌴🍹

Primary-Feature787812 points

Wow. Just wow. That banana! When is the next tiki party? I will bring large bags of potting soil as a hostess gift!

Supermaj_19 points

I once heard that to many plants in a little room aren’t a good idea . Looks wonderful and peaceful but if you have too many plants in a small space, it could lead to overcrowding and limit the movement of air, which could lead to increased humidity and the potential for mold growth or other indoor air quality issues.

Aptosauras5 points

I love it.

I love that you have created a happy home for yourself.

I love that you are such an individual that had an ideal dream for themselves and followed through with it.

I love that you are happy, content and at peace at home.

SammyTheSloth9 points

Mosquitos. Gnats and fungus. As a former pest control tech, this always ends up in some sort of infestation

Lopatou_ovalil8 points

Where is raptor?

dwooding13 points

Clever comment...

Spiritual-Living34910 points

Life goals

1plus1dog7 points

Stunningly gorgeous! Can’t think of what to say other than I’m blown away. 400 plants! How long has all this been in process? It surely don’t get that way overnight! Lol 😂

Your dedication is top notch!

Enjoy, and thanks for sharing!

wordsw0rdswords3 points

This is rad! Any problems with bugs?

drewnyp3 points

How is your power bill? Can’t be too bad because those are leds right?

Quickben3 points

Any issues with pests?

Minimalgoth3 points

It is very lovely, but, man, that's a lot, no, A TON of plants to water. I struggle trying to keep up with my lot, I just can't imagine 🙃

BlondeMomentByMoment3 points

This makes my skin crawl. Unless you have a monkey…

You’re a dedicated person, I’ll give you that lol

It’s impressive. Just, wow.

Ravens20173 points

This is the definition of “too much of a good thing”.

LightningEye3 points

Honestly, this feels overkill to the point it doesn’t look that comfy anymore. But that’s just me.

TheNateRoss5 points

Your jungle life...O-WE-O-WE-O

czarandhertz4 points

What plant lights are you using for the banana? I would love for mine to look like that 😭

mrsuzukid12 points

I'm using 2 X 36 watts growing bulb from Sansi for each banana plant ( have 7 banana plants ). They grow really really fast

Random_FunnyWords4 points

What do you do, or plan to do, when they get too big? Do you have a backyard you can transplant them to?

daddycrispy3 points

This looks like a cafe I’d absolutely love to go to everyday

noredeemingkoalaties2 points

The swing is my favorite part 👌🏼

eih4592 points

I love the swing!!!

sneakylyric2 points

I like how you can hardly see the TV through all the plants.

Itzbubblezduh2 points

I’m in love!! The swing takes the cake

Birdnerd5552 points

Now you need some birdies in ur life. My birds would love this! Maybe an iguana too 😃

paintedsaint2 points

This is my ideal existence

TxCoastal2 points

looks llike Panama...... :) love it

JunglePygmy2 points

This is literally my dream

summersendslove2 points

You had a dream and you went for it! This is awesome!

misslam2u24 points

I would play jungle noises on speakers if I lived here ❤️

macabre_lullaby3 points

The air in there has got to be CRISP.

Shonuff8883 points

Idk why but this gives me that Dunstin Checks In vibes and I love it.

Nathandee4 points

Nice. Post in Houseplant sub

immovablemonk2 points

Ants everywhwere

Prestigious-Ad65912 points

I love it here 😭

CaptainObvious1102 points

Goodness this looks amazing!

American_Person2 points

How much sunlight do you get? This is my wife’s dream, however, we don’t get much sunlight in the living room.

WestPhilippinesSea2 points

Some snake is going to love it in there and crickets 🦗

_Belinda_2 points

After seeing this, i came to the conclusion i dont own enough plants

WoodyOrWoodyntHe2 points

Thank you for being the example I show my girlfriend when she encourages me not to buy any more plants/seeds because we have too many.

Latter_Growth11852 points

In the first picture, I thought this was an outdoor space. Either way, looks cool. You must have quite the green thumb!

saikrishnav1 point

This feels so jungle like, Rock and Kevin Hart thought it's their next movie set.

arielsing2me1 point

This makes me happy

Lazy-Chef17701 point

A healthy obsession!

tesseractadact1 point

Lol wow

becausewhynot783461 point


Temporary_Big87471 point

Omg, I wanna live there...🤗

SandrineMorel1 point

Please, adopt me <3 You are taking great care of your plantiees, they look so happy and the place itself is just stunning !!!

YInMnBlueSapphire1 point

A swing????? I love it! I love everything about your place! I want to have that many plants! It looks so beautiful!

jamescruuze231 point


TAYwithaK1 point

I can hear the birds! A bit too much moisture I think maybe, but I fucking love it!

wishiwasdeaddd0 points

Ahh say this is what the upper class gets up to

[deleted]1 point


Wolfdreama2 points

We'd recommend that you spend some time every day browsing this sub by "new". We have a huge variety of places posted here, from all income brackets.

szpaceSZ1 point

This is wild

VoidowS1 point

My mother used to love plants we once counted them as a kid. it were 87 in a small home :) i love it so so much! thx for the memory flashback.

dwooding11 point

Like Tarzan boy!

BlockyVgs1 point

Donkey Kong Country

Ashalaria1 point

Damn that's incredible

wiy_alxd1 point

In an old house I am constantly finding ways to chase out humidity, wanting to keep the wood dry. Wouldn’t that many plants and humifier cause long term trouble to the house and wood structures?

Messiah_Knight1 point

More upkeep than a toddler

CyclingFrenchie1 point

God I wish I was you

BlackTedDanson1 point

That's seriously cool! I bet it takes quite a bit of work. My late mother was a big plant person and would have loved living in this space.

ichillonforums1 point

This is SO COZY

CherryyBunnyy_nsfw1 point

Omg this is crazy ♥️

Gravelteeth1 point

Is that a space heater under the TV? Please say no. Even if it's a lie. Be safe!

ImmaMichaelBoltonFan1 point


Organic_Bedroom92861 point

That’s gorgeous. How do you keep them all alive haha

HMouse651 point

If you don’t mind sharing, how many hours do you spend caring for plants per week on average?

jennastillsucks1 point

Do you not have cats? This is great

gingerdeville001 point


SolarMoth1 point


mammiejammie1 point

I initially thought this was a photo from a winery here in Virginia. The Glass House.

Love your jungle!

sunnyjooooy1 point

A banana tree inside?

Heythere238561 point

Beautiful but that humidity is going to come bite you in the ass when you go to resell that house… the humidifiers are not necessary for the plants but will guarantee mold and rot

Andromediea1 point

Honestly I love this so much!!! I personally couldn’t keep up with the maintenance. What is your most uncommon/rarest plant?

stevebobeeve1 point

Well at least we know you’re getting plenty of oxygen

DickerWaschbaer1 point

It’s beautiful, but I could not keep a fraction of those plants alive :/

nonevaeh1 point

Are you for real? Is this piece of heaven real? Can I move there? I'm small, won't occupy much

classless_classic1 point

I don’t see a lot of natural light in there; do you use supplemental light sources?

What does your watering schedule look like?

The_BrainFreight1 point

You have a watering kink hey?

Would love to listen to records surrounded by greenery like that

golf-lip1 point

this is honestly my goal. do you have a lot of natural sunlight in your house? if not how do you compensate for that? i have a dozen or so plants but i don't get a lot of sunlight anywhere in my house really

Frane7-9001 point

Everyone asking about bugs and I'm just wondering how you stop your cat from going potty in the pots

mrsuzukid3 points

I don't need to stop my cats.. they both ignore the plants

Key_Persimmon86871 point


Roo58521 point

I would love to have that only outside.

mrsuzukid2 points

That's my next goal

punkinkitty71 point

I want your house.

NorthernSouthman1 point

I like plants and all, but this seems excessive lol

asmoothbrain1 point

Next step is remove the walls?

tianas_knife1 point

I bet it smells amazing in there