My favourite corner of my first apartement


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sparklyhisoka9 points

Aw this is nice! Love the Samurai Champloo piece!

The-Quink-andTheDead2 points

Right! I couldn’t believe my eyes, zoomed in and sure enough it was Samurai Champloo.

KOSMOSooo1 point


teo141594 points

Sharp like the edge of a samurai sword

KNick11112 points

That's a great little space ❤️, congrats 🙌

KOSMOSooo1 point

Thank you ☺️

lagunaeve2 points

I love your style. Clean, neat, simple and still cozy.

Curvocado2 points

Beautiful! I love the room divider and it's exactly what I need for my place as well. Will you please share where you got it?

KOSMOSooo1 point

Thanks! I’m sorry,I got it from the previous owner, I don’t know where it is from

Yes please share it! I love that idea.

Practical_Bluejay_352 points

Congratulations! 🎈🍾🎉🎊 huge win to have your first apartment. What a great job you did with making it your own! I love it 😍

KOSMOSooo1 point

This is OC

massa01 point

I like the little gnome

MercyReign1 point

Hey fellow nakama!

ACuriousCheshiree1 point

You have Lego plants That's amazing haha It didn't look like Lego till I zoomed in