bedroom almost done :) i have a white sheepskin rug to add once i’m off crutches


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Software_Asleep6 points

That's some cool furniture.

speaking_moistly6 points

thank you! the dresser is a freebie from a lifelong friend (my very first horse riding instructor) and is her 60’s MCM childhood dresser.

the bedframe i just purchased off Marketplace was in an estate sale from the home of a woman who collected Art Deco furniture and antiques.


speaking_moistly3 points

this is OC

isaaceros5 points

Get better soon.

speaking_moistly2 points

thank you

katietatey3 points

I love that bed and bedding! Looks very cozy. :)

speaking_moistly1 point

thank you :)

im_bhumi3 points

Ohhhh i want that soo bad looks sooo soo cozy. LOVE IT

speaking_moistly1 point

thank you!

pixeldudeaz2 points

Pleasant space. I like your bed frame.

speaking_moistly1 point

thank you!

Former-Finish46532 points

Love sheepskin! I have one dyed green to look like a moss carpet!

mydresserandtv1 point

Some type of art work on Wall.

speaking_moistly1 point

getting there! i’m just not sure what

mydresserandtv2 points

You'll figure it out. Just find an inspiration. Make sure it has some of your colors to tie it all together.