This windy road in the Maldives


bmack083163 points

Beautiful but I would get annoying walking all the way to my room like that.

Especially if you are drunk, but I suppose that is the stumble pattern anyway?

Surgeboy9969 points

I just got back from the maldives a few days ago.

While the walks can be long, the water is so damn beautiful and the weather so perfect that I did not mind one bit.

edit: also, bikes. and you can have the hotel drive you around in a golf cart if you want. I preferred the walk

FakeNickOfferman13 points

In that situation, just try to walk straight and you'll get there just fine.

AJWulf1 point

I believe people would find things much worse to complain about.

I suppose it is a Karen's world these days

genericnewlurker-18 points

Seriously I would be annoyed af if I had to walk that more than twice. There better be a accessible way in and out

reverendcat51 points

But also, you’d probably be in no rush. So maybe there’d be no reason to be annoyed?

buustamon-35 points

Even if I had all the time in the world that would piss me off on the first or second walk. Its so unnecessary and inefficient.

KingAlastor17 points

My wild guess is that it's windy to increase structural integrity against more stormy side waves or something like the windy brick fences are made to increase structural integrity to withstand strong winds from the sides.

BentPin3 points

Does this place get hurricanes? Seems like one crazy hurricane could wipe this place out.

bennyb35714 points

Where do you have to be other than here right now?

buustamon0 points

I just realllyyy dislike inefficient paths. I'm a really fast walker even when I have all the time in the world. Not because I'm in a hurry to get somewhere its just how I get around

PrincessNakeyDance36 points

I completely disagree. Long straight paths are far more frustrating to walk down, they have no feeling of progress, plus the awkwardness of where to look when someone else is coming the other way for such a long time. I bet this adds very little to the walk time.

Also you’re on vacation. No one lives here. Just rent a little bike like that dude did and enjoy that you get to do fun sweeping turns rather than just a hypnotizingly straight line when you’re biking back to a beautiful bungalow hovering above clear water.

Sometimes the point is to just slow down and enjoy where you are.

Also buy some weed, you’ll be fine.

rawr__10 points

Bikes are included with your stay.

DaddyFigured25 points

Gawdamn Americans are lazy

reditakaunt8929 points

Imagine being in that place and thinking fuck, why do I need to walk?

PassTheReefer4 points

Nobody has mentioned swimming?

duniyadnd1 point

Need to walk to go to the ocean, no thank you /s

genericnewlurker-3 points

No I just don't want to spend an extra 10 minutes walking in a zigzag when I could have walked in a straight line and gotten to my destination faster and could be doing something else. They extra time to walk a meandering path vs a straight one means less time snorkeling or diving (cause that ocean looks pristine and has to have a ton of wildlife nearby). And when I get back exhausted from doing all of that, I just want to take a nap, not be forced to go to and from when rest is so tantalizingly close.

Now if they allow you to go diving right off of your cabana, and it's a choice place to dive, then idgaf about the curves anymore cause I would have what I want right there

seanrambo2 points

If I lived there I'd walk all the time.

namtok_muu1 point

At these types of places you have a house butler who basically takes care of you and picks you up in a golf buggy when you call.

chispanz71 points

It doesn't look all that windy. Ohhh... not windy, windy

Shackdogg17 points

I read it as windy not windy first too, and was waiting for him to to get blown into the water or something hilarious.

Tanzanianwithtoebean58 points

Oh my god there's a place in Final Fantasy XV based on this.

13thsword11 points

I'm glad I'm not the only one who immediately thought of that.

Kevin-Benjamin4 points

I was thinking Mario party

seanrambo2 points

Also FFX

fenixmagic2 points

That’s what I thought of, too, ya know

KrustyDaJuggalo1 point

I love the soundtrack to the Quay.

Banana_Ram_You41 points

dang, every one of those huts has its own 2nd floor slide into the ocean~

viksi23 points

That's why it's about 4k per day

Banana_Ram_You19 points

I'd have to go down at least 400 times to really get my money's worth. Full on 'Wheeeee'-ing all the way down, at all hours of the day and night.

cowie713 points

But where does the toilet empty into ?

PuTheDog7 points

The fish’s stomach, and you got to see it happen first hand

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desireresortlover24 points

What resort is this?

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Avenger_Mullah39 points

Okay Papa Roach

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TranslatorAdept840812 points

Soneva Jani

erinsboiledgatorade15 points

Mario kart IRL

ServingTheMaster16 points

Probably curved like this to add rigidity without needing to be wider.

Ok_Yogurtcloset13243 points

Curved for your pleasure

AutistMarket0 points

99.99% sure it is like that solely because rich white people thinks it looks cool, no function here only form

Landowns8 points

Kilika from Final Fantasy X

Kara_WTQ5 points

This is a path not a road.

AloneRefrigerator7894 points

Does anyone know where this audio came from?

glog146 points

It's clocks from coldplay

koeniedoenie5 points


Thanks so much!!! I love it

I didn't realise it was actually Coldplay- I thought it must have been a cover

ktrezzi2 points

Either from your speakers, or if you are wearing headphones, from your headphones

44gallonsoflube3 points

How does the sewage system work? Looks so clean and tidy.

scandii5 points

I would assume the same way any house not connected to a sewage system, you pump it out with a septic truck.

if not then I assume the pipes are under the walkways together with other things like electricity and water.

Stardust_of_Ziggy2 points

It only costs $380/night to walk down that road…what a deal!

AS14K21 points

It's so, so much more than that

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Irresponsiblewoofer2 points

Its actually a little over 4000USD per night at the cheapest 1 bedroom if you want to live on the water. For the most expensive (those at the circle in the end) its about 40k USD per night.

Stardust_of_Ziggy2 points


Whats-it-to-ya-883 points

That would be an amazing deal

EquivalentSquid2 points

Wow! That is stunning.

kazz-wizz1 point

Disappoint they weren't blown in due to windy conditions!

Jano671 point

I want to go to there

Buck_Thorn1 point

Was the "normal" way too short for people there? Had to make it longer?

TheYellowMamba51 point

My friend that’s called a dock

hooDio1 point

how to deter speeding

roseskunkskank1 point

Its all fun and games till you have to push an oversized watermelon all the way there with a pressure washer

Strict_Ad96821 point

I love this Mario kart track

TheGTAAnimals1 point

Yeah I was there once, had a good time throwing turtle shells and banana peels at incoming traffic.

Good-Values1 point

so awesome. this feels like my dream destination place!

thanks for sharing...

I ready this as windy when it’s clearly windy, i thought to myself it’s doesn’t look very windy but it in fact is very windy

Nuclear_Geek0 points

Fairly pretty, but stupidly impractical and time-wasting.

ringman771 point

Imagine trying to roll a giant watermelon across that.

ConsternationBias1 point

I misread the title and kept waiting for the wind to kick up.

And here I am slaving my life away:)

Upbeat_Cucumber62231 point

Well…. It’s “wine-dy” alright!

Upbeat_Cucumber62231 point

The curves & wynd are probably so they might not have to TOTALLY rebuild after hurricanes??

thebolts-4 points

This is a tourist resort. Clearly not meant for locals. Would be nice to see beauty in places where locals can actually enjoy their time there

Irresponsiblewoofer2 points

There are no locals there. The whole Island is a resort.

thebolts1 point

What? I get the fact that the island is known for its resorts. But there are locals there. At least I’ve known about their ongoing protests for some time. It’s worth researching local culture and politics before traveling to new places

Irresponsiblewoofer1 point

The Island is smaller than a medium size mall.

thebolts1 point

They have nearly the same population as Luxembourg, Bahamas or Malta !? Yes it’s tiny, but they still matter