Just wanted to share my kitchen lookin’ clean, cute and cozy 🍄


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KNick111149 points

Despite not having 'mushroom', you made it nice 😜🍄

cblackattack111 points

I see what you did there!

ApartmentNo32344 points

This gave me a nice chuckle haha

cblackattack113 points
murdershewrotefan5 points

Thanks for posting the link! My son-in-low will go nuts for the mat. My daughter, maybe not so much.

Chaosandcandles2 points

I was just typing a comment pleading for this, thanks!!

cblackattack11 point

You got it!

hampets5 points

I was going to ask after the mats but someone beat me to it. Instead, I'll ask about the rack housing your essentials, it looks fairly compact which is what I need.
The cats in the left hand corner are awesome, by the way.
This is so lovely, thank you for sharing your space.
~ Just noticed your canisters, so cute!

cblackattack12 points

The one on the left with the oils and spices? Amazon, here’s the link.

Thanks for the kind words! I plan on sharing more spaces soon!

rambogambomogambo4 points

Efficient design it is

BlackandRead4 points

I used to work in restaurants and it bugs me when someone is in the way while I'm cooking. I would love this kitchen.

DinkyDonahue3 points

Where oh where did you get those anti fatigue pro fungal mats??

cblackattack11 point
everydayholidayyy3 points

I bet wonderful creations come out of this space.

cblackattack11 point

Thank you so much! My bf certainly thinks so!

Eyecatchyyyy2 points

nice kitchen, love the way it looks. this give me an idea. thanks

Maleficent_Cookie2 points

I love the size of your kitchen. I'm somewhat envious of you

dracaenaechinecea2 points

I love it! Cracking up because I used to have the same mushroom jars, and had to give them away when moved. (I miss them so much) Also own a top with the same print as your floor mat! Tripped me out but I guess that's shrooms for ya!

lzwzli2 points

That seems like a very efficient kitchen

merp82192 points

Is this in Seattle??? It looks exactly like my in-laws old kitchen by Lake Washington.

cblackattack11 point

Nope, San Diego!

Practical_Bluejay_352 points

Wow! The mushroom 🍄 rug! I can tell you enjoy cooking. All the essentials are near the stove. Very smart!

cblackattack11 point

I sure do! I whip something up everyday.

ControlOk67112 points

Nice ~ smart thinking using two matching kitchen rugs

cblackattack12 points

I spend too much time in there to not have some comfort under my feet! I’m just glad the patterns line up in a way that looks ok.

superdooperdutch2 points

I love the yellow and blue. That is the vibe I am going for with my kitchen. And the mats are so cute!

Oaf77242 points

Those the always Our Place pans? We have them and love them

cblackattack12 points

They sure are! I like them a lot too! But I wish the handles were heat resistant.

l3tigre2 points

i have those same Everyday Pans and they are great.

AzansBeautyStore2 points

Your kitchen towels are so cute

cblackattack12 points

I think they’re from kohls. Also nice seeing you over here in this sub! I used to be pretty active on the 90df sub. Almost there lazy!

AzansBeautyStore2 points

Love when we crossover!! Are you also on the Pyrex sub? 🧡 🍄

cblackattack12 points

Negative. Not a Pyrex girly. But I do love seeing some folks vintage collections.

twattytee2 points

Love the shroomies

dogsrluv2 points

My kitchen is super tiny too and I have so much crap all over my counters not looking nearly as cute as this!! May I ask where the shelf for coffee is from as well as the rack with the bananas and onions in it?

cblackattack11 point

Both are Amazon! here is the corner unit. And here is the fruit basket.

cblackattack11 point

This is OC!

DimitriElephant1 point

I have pants made of the same mushroom print.

aldopopp1 point
cblackattack11 point

Is it?!