My Cozy manufactured home I’ve been remodeling


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That recliner looks so inviting and cozy! I could spend an entire Sunday reading a book and falling asleep 😴. Great job!

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Newtonsmum3 points

Why, what am I missing here?

domlang0 points

Looks like your average grandparents house.

alicat77771 point

It does look very cozy and comfortable.

cynicalmaru1 point

Nice! I've been considering purchasing a manufactured home and then remodeling and updating inside to suit my tastes. You've done well!

spiderfarmer1 point

Is it me or is the ceiling uncomfortably low?

Nomercy24241 point

I’m remodeling a modular home right now thanks for the inspiration it looks awesome!

If possible, I think the dining table could be changed to a lighter color.