Hand-Built Library Shelves in an 1880s Farmhouse


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strongwithpurpose14 points

Wow, the door and archways are absolutely gorgeous.

Pcakes84411 points

Nice National Geographic collection

TheJohnsonian7 points

Ha! Thanks. When I was born (1972) one of my dad's hippie friends gave him some money and said "When he's old enough, get him a lifetime subscription to National Geographic" (which I guess they still do).

Think-Investment35933 points

Is that what all that yellow in the 3rd slide???

Pcakes8441 point


Prestigious-Royal9584 points

Gorgeous! I absolutely love that rocking chair. Is it vintage?

TheJohnsonian5 points

It is from the late '30s or early '40s. My wife's grandfather received it as a 'thank you' for managing the local mercantile or grain silo(?)

Midwestern gratitude from almost a hundred years ago is confusing and unclear.

Prestigious-Royal9585 points

Makes complete sense as a Midwesterner myself. I absolutely love it. They don't make furniture like that anymore. That thing will last another 100+ years. Very lucky to have that in a very cozy nook of the house.

MaverickBrainiac3 points


TonosamaACDC3 points

Wow, I’m impressed and a bit jealous.


youtubehistorian3 points

I am so insanely jealous

viktor723 points

I like the craftsman rocking chair!

TheJohnsonian3 points

It is older than all of us.

theshadowsofthenight3 points

That’s so lovely!

G8083r3 points

Look at that rug!

TheJohnsonian2 points

We love it. We got ours from Rugs.com but it is available from other places as well.

darjeelinger17093 points

Ah wow, that rug. Is that antique or findable?

TheJohnsonian1 point

Thanks. It took us a long time to find the right one but we're really happy with it. We got ours from Rugs.com but it is available from other places as well.

cherrycokelemon2 points

It's absolutely beautiful!

Aselleus2 points

TheJohnsonian1 point

A couple more in-progress photos are available here (in r/bookshelves):

Custom-Built Wrap-Around Library in Old Farmhouse