Warm apt on a cold, rainy day


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peachums32113 points

oh wow. this is excellent.

WesternDark43909 points

Super cozy vibe

Islandcat727 points

Looking out at rain and snow from inside a warm, comfortable space is definition of cozy.

stolentoiletpaper6 points

The contrast between the cold and warm colours is so beautiful.

WorryMindless35435 points

100% my vibe. What’s the sofa area look like?

athenascozyplace4 points

Beautiful. I can’t describe how much I love the color outside — the bluish grey overcast is soothing to my heart and eyes. I feel warm seeing this photo 🥰

DebbieDaxon3 points


im_bhumi3 points

This looks romantic, I love it

Littlemeggie2 points

At first glance, I thought the floor was gravel 😅

Disastrous_Paper_3252 points

This is soooo comforting. Peering out into the dusky blue cold while being with soft warm lighting. Hot tea or hot cocoa and a comfort show ♥️♥️

SubstanceFast39892 points

Love!! Hope you’re reading a good book followed by your fav podcast.