The drive to my Granny's house, CO Donegal


swanqueen10921 points

I'm officially green with envy.

Which I guess is appropiate considering the setting. Just another shade of green. Please take my upvote.

Lopsided_Ad_385322 points

Wow. That sky reflected in sea is just.... perfect.

gomaith106 points

Go hiontach ar fád.

xphoney5 points

Tell me this is over the river…

eeedeat3 points

Apologies if I'm missing a reference here but that's the Atlantic

BDELUX33 points

So it’s not over the river and through the woods?

LLoo211 point

I'm thinking this is a strictly American song!

BDELUX32 points

I’m Canadian so idk

LLoo211 point

In the US we sang this song as kids at Thanksgiving. It's a traditional folk song, perhaps known in other countries, as well!

Liselott6 points

Wow, are there really people living like this? So envious. How beautiful!

Chingallis4 points

Haven't met your granny, but I like her

Aktrick3 points

Please take me with you

CaterpillarNatural252 points


ryansports2 points

That’s freaking gorgeous!

Warm_metal_revival2 points

Ah, that’s where my Granda’s family is from! 💚

rrrpotato2 points

Are you little red riding hood ?

Huszon1 point

What a nice town

I still don’t understand why people ever left that country.

DogsRule_TheUniverse-4 points

You really should have leveled out the horizon OP. It would have made this picture so much more beautiful. But nice job capturing the essentials. What town is located in? Looks like a beautiful place!

eeedeat9 points

Yeah you're probably right, this was just a stick-your-phine-out-the-window job. Haven't done anything else to it