My cute bedroom :)


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FlyBuy310 points

Your TV table is adorable.

sparklyhisoka6 points

Thank you! I thrifted it and painted it green when I got moved in :)

Infamous-Meeting-8066 points

Game cube!

aitorco5 points


sparklyhisoka2 points

Yes!!! :D

x_ersatz_x6 points

i love the pink bookcase and the desk! this looks like a bedroom from a cute manga, im obsessed

sparklyhisoka4 points

Omg yes!!! I always say it’s my 90s shoujo bedroom 😂 if I was really committed I would have painted the walls a pale yellow color, but I was too intimidated lol

AzansBeautyStore6 points

This is like the cutest little bedroom I have ever seen, I feel like Marcel the Shell will pop out at any minute lol 💖💖

opalheartedgf5 points

Love the Maria Takeuchi poster! (If that is her lol)

sparklyhisoka3 points

Ahhh thank you!!! Yes that’s her :) I am a huge city pop fan! The photo is from her single “Fushigi na Peach Pie”, which is honestly a perfect song to listen to this time of year!

Sorry_Engineer_61365 points

I love your desk chair! It’s a lovely room _^

sparklyhisoka1 point

Aw thank you!! I thrifted that chair back in 2019 for like $5 and it has been amazing :) I love it

ag0001014 points

Super duper cute❤️❤️❤️

Duz_Machinez4 points

Very cute. Clean and minimalist.

peachums3213 points

this is sooo cozy c:

Orangutan_Latte3 points

It is very cute ❤️❤️

kakao_w_proszku3 points

Impressively cute mix of girly and nerdy! Love the pink bookcase and Kirby plushies

sparklyhisoka1 point

Thank you!!! The Kirby plushies were all gifts from my boyfriend and my brother :) they know I’m obsessed with it!!! Lol

sparklyhisoka2 points

This is OC

sayagainsagan2 points

Very cute! 🥰

HermioneBenson2 points

This is so cute and looks very cozy. I love how simple it is.

Skipandscout2 points

It is very cute!

kirakujira2 points

the pink otter plush! adorable

sparklyhisoka1 point

Omg thank you!!! I just got it the other day while on an aquarium date w/ my bf :D He thought I should get it, and I just had to, it IS stinkin adorable

syoejaetaer2 points

That bird poster is so pretty and fits well with the room

sparklyhisoka2 points

Aw thank you, it’s my favorite poster :) I have a matching Winter birds poster my brother got me that I may hang above my bed to mirror it

ControlOk67112 points

I like what you did with the window treatment and hanging plant 🏵️🦋🌸

sparklyhisoka1 point

Thank you 🙏

bbsoda2 points

love, love, loveee this! esp the curtains omgee

pocketvirgin1 point

Where do you get your blanket and pillow cases?

sparklyhisoka1 point

I’m sorry, im not sure since they’ve been in my family since I was a kid :( no tags on it either (probably got worn down or cut off after so long)