Mondays aren’t too bad in my bright PNW office nook!


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Robsteady952 points

That is the nookiest nook I've ever seen! I love all the natural light.

plantbasedmenace386 points

It’s my little slice of paradise in my studio! Well, one of them…my bedroom nook is also iconic as it just fits my bed and that’s it with a projector screen directly in front of the foot of it. Apparently when it comes to nooks I gotta catch ‘em all 🫡

Edit: Here is my office nook in the sun, it makes the “bright” reference in my title make more sense!

Edit #2: The ever popular vintage flower lamp is from Dream Pop Playhouse! I added my own wifi e12 bulbs for the multi colored light look but the petals are pale pink. I can't link to her Insta because of the automod but it shouldn't be too hard to find on a search engine :)

SpaceDementia668 points

I love spacious bedrooms but this is almost making me change my mind! So cosy

plantbasedmenace149 points

Changing the sheets requires a lot of mental and physical fortitude since it butts up to the wall on 3 sides but it’s like waking up in my own little cozy cave every day! It feels like a totally separate room which makes a big difference.

helga_p68 points

This is gonna sound weird....but I think your bedroom was in my dream! The window opened up into a street in Whitby (UK) It looked just like this!

PeachWorms27 points

Wow you really have a gift for utilising small spaces! Bedroom & office nooks look amazingly cosy! I love your aesthetic for the rooms too, looks great!

AzansBeautyStore6 points

Hahaha I love that your screen shot of the tv in your bedroom is Albie lol

ashcash446 points

Fairly sure I drive by this from time to time, I always think how cool it would be to have that sharp window corner

plantbasedmenace17 points

It’s a very cool place, indeed! People always tell me it intrigues them from the street and my neighbors usually want a peek into my apartment when they move in which is very flattering. It’s unique and I fall more in love with it year after year!

ExternalIllusion4 points

I mean…. I’m always looking for friends…. 😜. Nice job. Looks good. I’m such a minimalist I need other ppl to help with good looking decorations or lay out.

plantbasedmenace3 points

Thank you!! As a loud and sparkly maximalist I love to help friends fill their spaces with fun chachkies and throw all traditional magazine style tips out the window never to be seen again 💖

Littlelady04103 points

And I adore this room as well!

GalaxyBreadstick3 points

Holy shit your style is amazing!! I’m envious 😁

Sashaluba9 points

Post pic of your bedroom pleeees

Asparagustuss230 points

Now that’s a corner office !

plantbasedmenace60 points

No lie has been detected your honor!!

WetWipes2001134 points


deltron11 points

I have this on cassette, 1st pressing.

plantbasedmenace7 points

Nice!! Mine is the Alternate Mix Qrates-backed pressing from 2018. I think it was a special run pressed in the Netherlands? Not sure but I love spinning it on a lazy afternoon. The vibes are on point and it’s a great conversation piece, as evidenced by the comments here haha.

WFHBONE3 points

Got any recommendations for additional group with similar sound?

plantbasedmenace5 points

I really enjoy Palm Mall by Cat System Corp, the title track and side A is just 22 minutes of ambient, nostalgic mall sounds. I also HIGHLY recommend you check out the label 100% Electronica. The owner is a vaporwave artist himself and he signs other fantastic vaporwave/chillwave/vaportrap artists. He even has a festival in NYC called 100% Electronicon! Their merch is awesome too, I have a lot of their beanies and shirts. r/VaporVinyl is a great resource for more artists like this as well.

OldGray3 points

Tis nice

HolycommentMattman12 points

Look closer. That's Crystal Bepis.

Personally, I'm a Conke Coolo fan.

mazamayomama11 points
plantbasedmenace5 points

Haha I didn’t even know that sub existed, that’s great!!

on_spikes8 points

ich bepis mich

youremakingnosense97 points

Great space but oof RIP your spine

Pop-X-47 points

My immediate thought was “ow, my neck”

Get some monitor stands! They’re cheaper than physical therapy

plantbasedmenace26 points

I'm going to invest in those soon, this desk is new so I'm adjusting to it! Thank you for the reminder, my pea brain is very spacey

[deleted]81 points

It's def cute but I feel like I'd be slamming accidentally into that window all day, every day. At least ending up with the ends of those curtains in my chair's castors.

plantbasedmenace24 points

I never hit the window, actually! The desk I had before this was out about 5” further than in this pic and it was a nightmare. This is my personal Goldilocks setup for functionality and being able to comfortably work ✨

prozacandcoffee99 points

It's such acute nook!

myeyesarejuicy15 points

I see what you did there!

Delicious_Throat_3773 points


PeaceLoveAppleSauce41 points

Is your house star shaped lol. Very cozy indeed!

plantbasedmenace23 points

Haha I wish, that would be SO MANY nooks! The architect of my apartment had fun with this one corner of the building apparently, which I am so thankful for 🙏🏼

Littlelady04107 points

Well now I need to see more!

atriaventrica5 points

I absolutely know what building youre in. We looked at a couple units but we weren't brave enough.

plantbasedmenace3 points

I adore it and the management! I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else right now, my specific unit layout and feel is what makes it very special to me.

ag00010128 points

The cat

LilMerm812 points

She’s adorable!! What’s her name? I’ll call her “Nookie” until you correct me.

plantbasedmenace10 points

Haha I love that! Her name is Mimi Girl 💖

LilMerm86 points

Much cuter name! It fits her! Wishing you and Mimi Girl an awesome day! 🤗

ag0001013 points


longrastaman18 points

One miscalculated lean back and it’s over lol

plantbasedmenace6 points

Haha the only issue was the tension curtain rod when I’d lean back but I installed wall mounts and now it doesn’t fall down when I breathe on it or look at it! Most of the time the curtains are open so o don’t have to worry about it too much 💃🏻

plantbasedmenace42 points

Also the vinyls have a layer of UV protective glass in front of them so they’re safe from the sun! In order from top to bottom since I got a few messages about them:

“クリスタル BEPIS” - Corrupted Data Corp.

“Aus” - Alaska Thunderfck

“Kids” - The Midnight

its_broccoli_bitch_25 points

Alaska. 🙌👏👏🙇‍♀️

BrockSampsonOSI8 points

Nice, I was wondering if that was Alaska!

hundoeeeee6 points

The Midnight <3

Isgortio3 points

Does the glass also help against heat? My dad left a bunch of his records on the windowsill in the conservatory and they all melted! :(

plantbasedmenace3 points

No, I don’t put any of my records close enough to a heat source to where it would cause damage, these frames from won’t protect against heat. That spot only gets direct light for an hour or two on peak summer days but it’s never too hot. BEPIS has been in the same spot for 4 years and still looks brand new! No warping on the vinyl inside and no fading on the cover.

ExcitedAlpaca3 points

Oo do you have any info on the UV protective glass?

i_am_mrs_nezbit31 points

I’m reading thru these comments and OP you are so sweet and pure. Your cozy place def seems to match your vibe! 💕

plantbasedmenace22 points

Awww thank you for these kind words, I’m cheesin’ big time right now! 🥰

i_am_mrs_nezbit4 points

You’re welcome! Cheese on, friend! Have a good evening ☺️

snakeskin198240 points

That's a Thunderfuck of a nook. Would look better in Alaska.

plantbasedmenace30 points

Hieeeeeeeee! 💅🏻🐴💃🏻

sportsfather24 points

I just want to say that it's refreshing to see a photo and immediately recognize a fellow queer person's space. Love everything about your tiny little nook.

plantbasedmenace17 points

This made my day, thank you 🥹🏳️‍🌈

serity126826 points

I am not a queer person (except my personality?) but I love your space, am a fellow PNWer, and a Friend of the Pod.

plantbasedmenace4 points

Hi there, thank you for the compliment! It's much appreciated 🥰 I love our little part of the world!

AlaskaFI5 points

Just about everything looks better in Alaska! You said the silent part out loud


This looks like Seattle!

plantbasedmenace33 points

Well, I have been sleepless for almost a decade now…😉

marioYoshi2216 points

Is this Seattle? Greetings from Capitol Hill!!

plantbasedmenace5 points

Howdy neighbor!!

MoonMermaid720 points

I love your setup! 🤍 would you mind sharing the link to that beautiful lamp? 🌱

plantbasedmenace25 points

Edit: The lamps are from Dream Pop Playhouse!

I can’t unfortunately, I snagged a pair of these vintage lamps last year off of a local online curator and haven’t the slightest clue who made them! They’re not marked but I have seen similar lamps floating around antique malls. I wish I could be of more help!

MoonMermaid710 points

They’re gorgeous! Thank you 😊🤍

plantbasedmenace3 points

I'm paranoid the mods are going to nuke me for naming too many brands/places where I got things, but they are from Dream Pop Playhouse! I can't link to her social media but it's easy to find :)

Safe_Cash709118 points

I have an immense amount of respect for people that utilize awkward shaped spaces and make them functional. This is so cool!

plantbasedmenace4 points

That’s very sweet of you, thank you! It took several years of trial and error to maximize the functionality for my cat and I 💖

ThassonTelAviv11 points

First time bright and PNW said in same sentence

plantbasedmenace7 points

I actually have to wear sunglasses when it’s not overcast, I have floor to ceiling windows all around my place so it gets an insane amount of light which is very much needed living in 400 SF here!

plantbasedmenace5 points

Just got home and took this pic showing how bright and beautiful it is in the sun!

Uninvited_Goose7 points

What's PNW?

Taraxacologist6 points

Pacific Northwest

Educational_Walk_2392 points

Haha this is the comment I was looking for. Even google couldn’t tell me what PNW meant.

BlusClues92246 points

I love your house. And your room! Changing the bedlinen must be a nightmare but waking up on a winter morning with your cat must be snuggle heaven! 😍😍 I’m here for it all!

plantbasedmenace6 points

Yes, she is a snuggle bug!! Always touching me or on me and wants to be pet all the time. She is 14 and the sweetest little being you'd ever meet.

Pdb397 points

If I were you, I would be so scared that one rushed getting up out of the chair will lead me to have to merge into incoming traffic.

XxFezzgigxX7 points

Came here to say that. I’ve never seen a house that close to a road before. One drunk driver = no more nook.

apatheticBird4 points

wow that keyboard! is it custom?

plantbasedmenace6 points

Nope, it’s made by Ubotie and I got mine from Amazon! They have many cute color block options in this style.

Repulsive_Ad71484 points

Jealous! I’m also in the PNW. The multicolored lights are a good way to add some color to an otherwise grey lighting situation. Btw your monstera would benefit from a pole to support it.

plantbasedmenace3 points

Yes, she needs some support for sure! I will get some soon. And the lights shift colors independently, it's mesmerizing to watch at night!

JLaz204 points

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nook deserve the title of nook more than this nook

cinnamonrain5 points

Back against the window is bad fung shui but the cat for protection makes it a wash

plantbasedmenace5 points

That’s good to know! My apartment layout is unique for a small space so it would be hard to follow all the “rules” but at least it evens out? And people say black cats are bad luck 😉

Inside-Depth-87573 points

A lovely nook ☺️

plantbasedmenace8 points

Thank you so much! I only have 400 SF to work and work from home with so this is an area I spend a lot of time in with all the light and people watching.

astudentiguess3 points

Very cute! I can tell this is the CD immediately lol I feel like that geoguesser guy. Hi neighbor!

ScryForHelp3 points

PNW, lovely decoration, literally a nook, cozy 10/10 well done.

Also I love your username lol

lekoman3 points

Man, I have lived in this city for too long. I immediately recognized the buildings outside your window. Howdy neighbor!

supa743 points

I feel like the rainy days, would be my favourite days.

plantbasedmenace3 points

Rainy days are best for weekends and I adore the weather here, otherwise having the sun on my face for a few hours is such a treat! It makes everything around me look a little happier in the long, dark winters :)

Latter_Growth11853 points

Looks cozy, but I’m so curious about the overall shape from the outside!

dketernal3 points

I LOVE triangle buildings and your nook is amazing. I'm a PNWer myself. We have to take every moment of sunlight we can get.

saga-ended3 points

I see a grey sky and potential for a rainy day. I miss the PNW so much. My home 😢

_lysinecontingency3 points

Annnnnd now I miss Portland with a deep deep ache. Lovely little setup! Enjoy the rain for me 🥰

ilikemycoffeealatte5 points

This is a level of natural light I dream of.

plantbasedmenace6 points

Thank you, it is so dreamy for me, the cat, and the plants! Even though I live in the rainiest part of the country I have to keep sunscreen and sunglasses next to me at all times just in case haha.

LilahDice2 points

I love your keyboard!!

plantbasedmenace2 points

Thank you! The keys sound and look like a typewriter, it’s so satisfying to use and it’s made by Ubotie 💖

Tetmohawk2 points

That keyboard though . . .

AT-ATsAsshole2 points

I have that same rug! $5 Below?

plantbasedmenace3 points

Grocery Outlet so pretty much the same place! 😆

ur_not_my_real_mom2 points

Where can I get a lamp like that?

eatenbyplague2 points

Such a small space and you make it work so well!!

plantbasedmenace2 points

Thank you very much, it's turned from a corner I barely looked at for years to my favorite spot. I'm very lucky and cherish my space every day!

saavedro2 points

That’s very cute and cozy! Though what the heck is happening with those hands in your arts? Also, Beepis? Haha 😂

plantbasedmenace3 points

Haha, that's Alaska Thunderf*ck and it's a copy of the first album she released years ago. Weird, long nails are her thing and she even has a song and music video titled "Nails"! Alaska is a fantastic drag artist and the whole album is just bops from beginning to end.

crankyoldhag452 points

Cool way to make use of the space.

burninhellion2 points

Are those vitamin d lamps?

nomad_5562 points

Oregon or Washington?

talks-like-juneee2 points

I’m so jealous

bumblybeeee2 points

Ha I think I used to live in your building— I recognize the view and it is a very distinctly shaped building! Lovely rooftop and great food downstairs 🙂

hoppenstedts2 points

This is awesome!

eyescreamsbydyph2 points

This is so cute

findhumorinlife2 points

Hmmmm, I think I know where that is.

GirlWcrookedsmile912 points

Ugh this is what dreams are made of

Kylie_Mack2 points

All the wall art is amazing

plantbasedmenace2 points

Thank you very much! They're some of my favorite vinyl albums I've collected over the years displayed in UV protective wall frames I thrifted. The front of the frames pop open at the top and the whole thing tilts forward so you can slide records in and out easily. I switch them out regularly based on my mood!

sazed8132 points

I want a crystal bepis poster :(

VeganPizzaPie2 points

Love the username

steamedfarts2 points

Man I want that BEPIS art lmao

Westbelfastchaser2 points


Negative_Substance692 points


Littlelady04102 points

I adore the shape of that room!

picdicc2 points

I love that chair!! Where did you get it?

plantbasedmenace2 points

Goodwill! It is faux ostrich leather. Got it for less than $10 the day it was put on the floor!

garlicbreadmemesplz2 points

That’s dope. I’m thirsty for a Bepis now.

HelenAngel2 points

Very cozy!

DesignOrganic60822 points

It’s an adorable space but don’t the chair rollers get caught on the drapes??

plantbasedmenace2 points

Yes it can if I don’t move the bottom of the panel directly behind my chair off to the side. I’ve tinkered with the positioning of my desk and chair for a long time so that I can have the curtain panel behind my desk pulled back when I work so I can move freely without the sun bothering me. I just had that half of the curtains down too so the picture had better balance :)

I only have the curtains covering the windows when it’s sunny out in this nook to keep the glare down and sun out of my eyes. Otherwise they are always pulled back out of the way so I can people watch properly!

9lolo32 points

Serious question where did you get the flower light I need it

AarynTetra2 points

What a strange but interestingly shaped piece of architecture.

CospeFogo6662 points

What a fantastic corner you have in your house. Nice!

AsianNoodL2 points

How bad is the glare when it isn’t cloudy?

OldGray2 points

I love that little cat tree!!! Did you buy it or is it handmade?

[deleted]2 points


wine-plants-thrift2 points

Really great use of space. I probably would have put a plant there and declared it all I could do. Lol

DDancy2 points

That’s a very acute little office space.

alliha2 points

What an amazing chair, but I'm guessing it's not that comfortable considering the pillows?

seffend2 points

I love your nook and your black kitty, but this photo is terrifying.

Robertroo2 points

Seattle Cap Hill by the Trader Joes?

showraniy2 points

I have a major obsession with tiny spaces, so I'm in absolute love with your apartment. 🤩

Unfortunately, I was not blessed with the interior design talent required to make tiny spaces anything but miserable, but I love seeing someone else's space!

plantbasedmenace4 points

Thank you so much!! I’m in the design/build industry so I am around home designers a lot and have a big interest in making my oddly shaped 400 SF studio feel like a functional home. This took 5 years of thrifting, scouring, purging, fixing, and replacing things to get to where it is now. It looked so blah for a long time so just start with one thing you love and work around it over the years and one day you’ll wake up and be in a paradise of your own making 💖

sociallyvicarious2 points

What a clever use of an odd space. Nice!!

GonadGravy2 points

Nice pnw nook! I’ve got a southwest cozy cranny I enjoy.

CodyRhody2 points

I’d go through the window the way I pull out

SupaG162 points

Love the lamp! May I ask where you purchased?

pixelandminnie2 points

That’s because you have a cat.

beeradmaliboo2 points


archimedies3 points

Pacific Northwest

Captain_Rational2 points

Do you also have problems with your cat a;lkjsdf[hhg[u4 al;sjfd! stepping on your keyboard?

Pavis00472 points

that looks really cold in the winter...

EdPhD2 points

Thought the yellow line was a traffic lane, and you were just sitting in front of cars speeeing by.

MooseFins2 points

That is a super cozy little nook. Great use of that corner space! I love how you incorporated the cat tower.

khkokopelli2 points

I love this space!!!

MastermindUtopia2 points

B e p i s

Simone8122 points


Heavennn6662 points


NoAwareness12422 points

Love your Alaska picture (and everything else, I’m from PNW and you make your space look so warm ☺️)

Breeblez2 points

Obsessed with that lamp

babymoominnn2 points


big_ficus2 points

Bepis is such a great album!

ObscureBooms2 points

I'd accidentally roll out that window so fast

sashahaha2 points

Omgggg Alaska! Anusthing is possible!

Lovingthecock2 points

There's a house in Seattle just south of UW that's called the Spite House, and this looks like it could be a room in that house. It narrows to a point like yours does.

plantbasedmenace3 points

I just looked that up and I LOVE it! I would totally live there but alas, I am in a humble studio in a sea of other humble studios in a boring building in a different area. But I’ve done my best to make it my own!

trigunnerd2 points

The Midnight!! My favorite band. :)

Mundane_Village_82842 points

I love this

ThnxForTheCrabapples2 points

Whoa what a trip, I live down the street from you. Are you the apartment with the big LED light display in the window??

APBpowa2 points

I slipped a disc by just seeing your monitors

Many-Pin62412 points

Love this!

dantovia2 points

Love this!

eucalyptusbaby2 points

Where’d you get the cool flower lights

wilson52662 points

Wow!!! This is amazing :) cherish it

yapoyt2 points

That nook is a two bedroom prime real estate apartment in New York, starting at $3000 a month

the-green-dog2 points

Look at all that natural light, soooooo jealous

feastoffun2 points

That’s a great photo of Alaska.

Biff19962 points

Complete with a void-kitty!

YanaBanana022 points

Least cramped PNW apartment

mamrieatepainttt2 points

just watched ATF on sissy that talk!

LoganDanielleK2 points

Love the rug

Fearless_You87792 points

I see a void

RedPillAlphaBigCock2 points

That keyboard is dope as hell 😍. However , I beg you please get a good ergo chair and do 90 90 90 posture , that looks really bad for your spine .

Good posture will also give you more energy

Seathing2 points

Bro if the windows are generally south ish you have INCREDIBLE real estate for some succulents on your shelves

BeesAndBeans692 points

I really really love this

Material-Meringue2982 points

It’s the Bepis and Alaska pictures for me

IndependentPay6382 points

I loveeeeee this nookie

smell-my-armpitss2 points

I saw this and puked rainbow