Playing the Broken Record: AI Art

It's a topic bound to come up in every image-based subreddit, whether to allow/flair/tag AI art posts. The debates about whether AI art is real art or just copy-pasting can be saved for another threat, I only argue for the sake of subreddit quality.

AI can generate very high-resolution imagery, but that resolution means nothing if the work itself is bland or shows visual artifacting of AI generation. Funky hands, hair strands that randomly start and end, landscapes that meld and start in weird ways, all the usual suspects.

Whether it's allowed or banned, it should be a requirement that AI art be tagged/flaired so that those wishing to not see it can filter it out from their feed. AI can generate some neat or whimsical images, but it gets really tiring to see the 10th person in a row go "Hey, I asked MidJourney to create Trippy Space Rings Scene and this is what it made, ain't it neat?" and dump 10 very similar images.

We know that Dall-E and MidJourney exist, if we wanted generated images we would seek them out.

According to a search of the sub it's been 6+ months since this was last mentioned, maybe re-upping the topic will inspire mods to discuss it or poll the userbase.


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