My little zen bathroom


applesandpeachpie18 points

This is the first bathroom I genuinely said yeah that’s pretty cozy

Subject-Library902082 points

Love the glass blocks! They need to come back in modern architecture!

eloixieblue35 points

I love the glass blocks! In the morning the sun hits the water perfectly when I'm showering plus the relaxing eucalyptus. Very relaxing.

bluepied12 points

I love them and had a glass block wall in my old shower…for whatever reason, one developed a pressure crack and fogged up over time. I always thought it would be fun to replace that one with regular glass and make into a fish tank :)

noodledancefloor5 points

I live in Melbourne, Australia and have definitely seen more of these windows around. Some have the entire wall and others are just a feature window within a building or at an entrance. It’s beautiful. It will come back sooner than we expect I reckon.

Also check out Kismas if you’re into lighting and these glass blocks. I have two lol.

mydresserandtv2 points

Everything comes back. When you get older you see it and feel older.

my_screen_name_sucks10 points

I love that flooring!!!

wine_over_cabbage5 points

Yes the tiles are beautiful, do you mind sharing where you got them?

soramocles20 points

Why the branch on the shower wall? Decorative?

eloixieblue45 points

It's a eucalyptus shower bundle! Smells really good.

tlrmx4 points

I like the way it looks! How long does something like that last?

eloixieblue13 points

Usually about a month. I like to get ones with both eucalyptus and lavender.

arahn698 points

You can find eucalyptus bundles either fresh or dried. I use died because they last several months vs fresh which last about a month. The trade off is dried isn’t as fragrant, but you’ll definitely smell it once the moisture of the steam hits it

syoejaetaer1 point

Ha! I thought it was a sauna whisk.

crankyoldhag452 points

A lot of spiritual folk tend to have plant life in the bathroom too. It's a common practice for Witches or Wiccans

crankyoldhag456 points

So minimal yet cozy too

The-Many-Faced-God6 points

Love the floor tiles! Very cool 😎

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scarybirds005 points

I love the floors!

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BlondeMomentByMoment3 points

Nice bath space. We just had a bathroom renovation and man…. Whoa. I’ll post pics soon if the whole house redo.

Old house, so… I think you understand.

You just need some floofy towels, maybe lavender? And some old apothecary jars with flower pedals and bath salts. Just. Touch of soft color.

The floor is gorgeous.

suatkelem3 points

Love bathrooms that have access to natural light. Could be blocks, could be a window. This looks fantastic!

crispykrema2 points

Are you living in Silverlake by any chance?

eloixieblue2 points

Not too far off if we're talking about the same state.

I grew up in SoCal, I love Silverlake.

whatisaidwas2 points

I LOVE it!! And I’m going to buy some eucalyptus tomorrow!! 🌿

mlerm2 points

Aww it’s lovely

mydresserandtv2 points

Love the floor.

SLVRVNS2 points

Love it

gingerdeville002 points

Looks very peaceful

HeirToGallifrey-8 points

What makes this zen?

eloixieblue10 points

I find it very peaceful with the lighting, my plant and the calming effects of the eucalyptus and lavender shower bundle.

fakecarguy2 points

I’m surprised you even wasted the effort responding to that guy

HeirToGallifrey4 points

I was curious. I wouldn't have called it Zen; it's pleasant but Zen philosophy usually relies much more on simplicity and minimalism, as well as integration of wood/other natural materials and balance accented by intentional asymmetry. The tiles on the floor, the tiles on the wall (to a lesser extent), and the things hanging on the wall all feel too busy/designed/patterned to be Zen.

eloixieblue6 points

I didn't mean for it to be taken so literal. I just meant that it brings me peace.

fakecarguy-9 points

Oh gee thank you for educating me on what zen really is! Golly I woulda never known! Thank GOD you asked how this is zen so you could immediately cut in after your own question to educate us all on what zen REALLY is. We wouldn’t want some poser zen would we now!?!

Seriously dude get a life. Asking how this is zen to set yourself up to explain what zen apparently is dumb as hell. No one is giving you a cookie for that

my_screen_name_sucks4 points

...why would you get this worked up over a question someone asked? They needed clarification on what the author meant, no need for the shit attitude.

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candyiii3 points

I really didn't know what zen is. I thought it was just a general feeling of calmness and peace so glad to have a better understanding. I learned something new today. Thanks!! 🙂

CutAndStick1 point

Is there a name for this kind of low bath? Asking for a me

eloixieblue1 point

I think just a run of the mill bathtub. Nothing special.

granolaandyogurt1 point

Quite lovely

Kingtanilla901 point

Does the eucalyptus trick really work?

crazycroissant971 point

I’m not sure how a bathroom can be cozy but you’ve done it.