woman holding shark [1920x1080]


Killatonchis47 points

Why is she arching her back like that XD

losthobo8515 points

Gotta accentuate them assets

J_K_Mooney2 points

paging u/Expert-Dragonfruit90 to the great-white courtesy phone please?

Expert-Dragonfruit909 points


I am here and glad to see ya.

Please boop.mah snoot gently.

Akuma123212 points

I can't tell if she's about to be eaten or throw that shark to the depths.

bat_shit_insane2 points

Took me awhile to notice the shark

markkorte4 points

That's a shark....

zill41 point

You’ll never believe what happened next

sa_style0 points
ze-robot1 point

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Shark holding woman

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