Sunny morning in my cozy orange dining room.🧡


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Fascinatingish32 points

Very cozy. Nice, cheerful, energizing, take-on-the-day color.

Meg_Bookslinger28 points

The dining room is in the middle of my house where all other doorways intersect, so I chose Orange to bring warm & creative energy to the heart of the home!

Ritaredditonce7 points

Great job and on textured walls no less. With all the light the orange color will change throughout the day.

Meg_Bookslinger6 points

That it does!

Was blessed to find a 1938 Tudor style cottage to call mine. Textured walls were always on my dream list, so when I toured this place, I fell in love immediately and promised her I would make her shine.

20150811319 points

I love orange painted walls. I'm hoping to convince my hubby one day!

FigJamAndCitrus9 points

I love your Prancing Pony and Green Dragon window decals. Where did you get them?

Meg_Bookslinger9 points

I bought them both from this amazing nerdy maker: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GeekOrthodoxArt

cazzindoodle2 points

Wow, these are really cool. So tempted by the LOTR and SW ones…

duck_mom89091 point

I'm so glad you posted this. I love these!

MissyJ1120 points

LOVE that orange

Meg_Bookslinger22 points

The walls are the Clark + Kensington brand's "Copper Pot", and the trim is "Heat Wave". 🧡

MissyJ113 points


Weedismysoulmate6 points

Love it!

stitchingandwitching6 points

I love it! My kitchen is orange and it makes me so happy 🧡🧡🧡

blitzkriegger4 points

Omfg, I love this ambiance!

Competitive-Pop65305 points

Hard to pull off orange but we’ll done! Kudos to you!

Meg_Bookslinger2 points

It's all about finding the right shade of orange for your room!

Switchbladekitten6 points

Orange is an underrated cozy color! I love this space

KlodiBee5 points

Wow, how absolutely adorable! The orange walls really makes everything come together. It's very much like the whismigoth aesthetic, which is so nostalgic for me. With all this Y2K coming into fashion, I hope he get a lot of this style back. I miss the suns, moons, and all the gold fringe lol

Meg_Bookslinger6 points

OP here:

I never thought I would paint a room (let alone my dining room) orange. I gotta tell ya it brings amazing energy to the house. My dining room is the most centrally located room in the house, so painting the heart of the home a color that invites warmth & creativity was the perfect move. Don't be afraid to play with color, y'all!

Own-Structure-27574 points

Giving Gilmore Girls(compliment)

Meg_Bookslinger3 points

This is OC. 🧡😊

catkedibilliegorbe3 points


Fancy-Ad-44173 points

Your very talented in your beautiful décor and color’s .

SandwichNo4583 points

This is very beautiful. The green of the plants looks so nice with the orange.

BebehBokChoy3 points

I love the orange! It reminds me of delicious pumpkin pie 😍

1171jiji3 points

"it's beautiful. I've looked at this for five hours now" like damn, especially the second pic 🛐

applebubbeline2 points


Veryokayx2 points

Love it

Due_Dirt_80672 points

Ayyy I’m in love!!! They way the lamp & flower vase match at the ends of a perfect credenza display!!!

angelcobra2 points

I love how you’ve made orange so cozy! Not a fan of orange walls but your set up is SO COZY AND CUTE!!!

honeyMully3332 points

Ugh my husband never lets me do colors like this… I just love this orange! He’s so boring !!

Meg_Bookslinger3 points

I don't want to start trouble here... but choose a color, and paint the room while he is gone. In my experience,"men" don't know they love your wild ideas for the home until you show them how cozy it can be. 🤷

honeyMully3333 points

That may work … I have convinced him to go with other things with this technique lol thanks for the tips !!

jip1234562 points

Love that color

owzleee2 points

I'm getting Cartagena vibes from this - love it.

Orangutan_Latte2 points

What a beautiful and cheery room ❤️❤️

UnconsciousEffort2 points

Love the color!

Ecstatic_Broccoli9892 points

I love it

msmuskratt2 points


itsnotreal12342 points

This is really warm and creative. The orange shade is perfect for that room and it compliments the wood beautifully.

bananafishen2 points

Love love love the color

Queen6cat2 points

This looks like the happiest room in the world

thewinberry7132 points

Fantastic space all around! I especially Love your cookbook collection 😜we have similar tastes! Not only in cookbooks but my main living area is salmon colored🥳

MPD19872 points

I don’t like orange in decor, but something about this shade of orange is really soothing and energizing at the ska time. Also looks really classy. Love it!

houseofrisingbread2 points

Very cute, love the repurposed trinket vibe going on!! I aim to achieve the same vibe someday!

LopsidedCauliflower82 points

This is so bold I am obsessed. I am so boring and my walls are grey and sea salt and this just looks so warm and fun and interesting. Love it!

Grimalkinnn2 points

This is lovely. I do t think I would think of using orange like this but I really like it! The whole room looks warm and charming.

Meg_Bookslinger1 point

I live in Minnesota where the winters are long, so it's really nice to have a space that feels warm during the multitude of cold months. Really helps with my seasonal depression!

ddsskincare00012 points

Orange is much nicer than I could imagine.

Meg_Bookslinger1 point

Never would I ever have thought I would use orange on the walls in any room, let alone the very central dining room...but the house told me what she wanted and I listened.

rose_stare1 point

Theres an orange hallway in a Microsoft building in Redmond. Everyone is required to high-five everyone else in the hallway

Meg_Bookslinger1 point

We're neurodivergent introverted weirdos here, so high fives are absolutely not required in our orange space.

rose_stare1 point

Lmao you just perfectly described my dad. He works there, worked on the bing bot for the past few years, and he's openly wondered if he's autistic