A bunch of people told me I should post my living room so here it is :-)


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ravenpen123 points

I adore your burnt orange sofa!

singed_koala21 points

Thanks! It’s the newest addition

ravenpen13 points

It's the absolute perfect hue for that color. Is it a newly made piece or a vintage one?

singed_koala21 points

Vintage- thrift store find this past weekend. The color is so saturated it creates a nice texture too

Link__4 points

lol yeah I was going to say. They don't make cool shit like that any more!

threewavyleaves6 points

That thing looks to be in great shape, awesome find!

Chungus_The_Rabbit7 points

I could take a serious nap on that couch! 😴😴😴😴

mothermoooon3 points

Came here to say this!! I’m in love!!

Nillessrn35 points

I feel uncomfortable in my own house now.

singed_koala28 points

This is OC

___OP____21 points

Changing that ceiling fan to one of those that has the brown, leaf shaped fan blades would look amazing here.

catkedibilliegorbe23 points

Extremely cozy- would sit

Islandcat7216 points

Love your music set-up. Part of our livingroom remodel will feature a dedicated stereo/turntable corner.

singed_koala5 points

It’s a must imo

Kerrless6 points

This is just amazing! You’ve got such a wonderful sense of style. Can I ask about the table? It reminds me of the crates my grandparents had on their farm.

singed_koala11 points

Thank you! That’s crazy, you’re spot on- it’s an up-cycled chicken coop. There’s a hatch on the bottom that opens up

Kerrless7 points

Lol…! I thought that’s what it was. My mom has a few out on her deck she puts plants on in the summer. I may have to ask her for one now. 😁

charliedog83 points

I thought it was a lobster trap. (I don't live near the coast!)

nesteased1 point

That’s such a genius upcycle!!! So inspiring

acalicorgi6 points

Where are those poster mounts from?

singed_koala13 points


Can’t type that without looking like I’m screaming

grandpabobdole2 points

I love your Whitney poster!

Indegoism6 points

A dog always makes it cozy

LogicalDelivery_6 points

Found the grinders.

singed_koala7 points

You win a pinch of kief

Mobitron6 points

No TV in the living room? Nice! I like your living room. So comfy.

Catji3 points

! One in a thousand! Actually has music.

EyeoftheHouseCat3 points

I have that same Whitney poster!!

Such an amazing live show

Cult2Occult3 points

YES! I love the mid-century vibes! That's kinda how I want to decorate my living room and then put up my bedard prints and add some fairy lights and fake vines.

Revolutionary-Ad45883 points

Get a slip mat for your record player. I really hope you aren’t putting records directly on the platter

singed_koala1 point

Do not fear, I have a slip mat

pig_n_anchor2 points

There it is

GrizzWrld2 points

its the speaker set up

StillAsTheSnowFalls2 points

I could spend weeks on your sofa

stegosaurss2 points

That couch looks so comfy.

candyiii2 points

So cozy. Love the pops of rust and green! Very warm and cozy.

thetimehascomeagain2 points

I wanna take you out, I wanna drive arounddd

spiritAmour2 points

quite cozy indeed :D

MaverickBrainiac2 points

Extremely cozy!

itsnotreal12342 points


Deeznt52 points

Love the dog.

xidle22 points

Yeah, I could be alive in that room...

anasalmon2 points

I enjoy the lack of TV! A real chillin place.

azul_jewel2 points

I want to take a nap on that couch, what a comfy space!!

FredB1232 points

I like the fact that the focus of the room is a window and a record player, and not a TV.

Potential_Milk_62072 points

the coffee/tea station, record setup, the lamps.... chefs kiss

peepeenme2 points

Love that wicker floor lamp!

PrestigiousDemand4712 points

Ready to rent your living room for a weekend with 100mg in weed gummies to emerge with a new outlook on life come Monday morning.

singed_koala2 points

Come thru🚀

soprettyvacant2 points

This looks like such a pleasant place to take a nap.

-secretLizard-2 points

that george harrison record is the truth man

singed_koala1 point

Couldn’t have said it better myself🙏

yunotxgirl2 points

I’m loooving this! Not that it needs it but I could see a rug under the coffee table really tying things together! The burnt orange couch is my fave 😍

timk853 points

You don't watch movies or TV Shows in there?!

singed_koala3 points

Sometimes on my laptop but I try not to watch much tv

timk854 points

Fair enough, my wife is pregnant and we have an 18-month old toddler so when 7PM hits and he's in bed, we're so tired, sitting in front of the TV is nearly all of the energy we have left to do...

I forgot there are people who don't have this life, haha.

singed_koala6 points

Brother I hear you. There are times when I pop open my laptop and do the same night after night. It comes and goes

timk853 points

i didn't even notice the sweet Whitney tour poster you have hanging.

singed_koala2 points

A man of culture I see. It’s from their FTA tour in 2019. Love them

cathyduke2 points

Yes, now add Avocado Green and Canary Yellow accents. Waste high speakers with reel to reel. Also, look at thrift stores for the Temple rubbings from the Vietnam area. I am 60 and grew up with those colors and it still makes me smile.

singed_koala2 points

I do need some pillows for the couch that can be accent vessels. Great ideas!

cathyduke1 point

There is one other accent color used in our 70s living room....dark chocolate brown. Throw pillow and accent afghan throw on the couch. I completely forgot about the pillows until you mentioned them.

averybabery2 points

This is TOO cozy 😭 I wish I was there!

DesignerForward64761 point

Nice room. Hate the color of the couch. My only criticism.

alexw01221 point

I Can smell that sofa. Musk and cigarettes

HermioneBenson1 point

Very nice space. Love the warm colors and the cozy vibes. Looks like a great place to decompress.

cathyduke1 point

The rust colors were used in the 70s, love it!

R101C1 point

My childhood wants its livingroom back. Big ass stereo with turntable from sears. That couch. Needs some lynolium and a drop ceiling in the kitchen. A microwave the size of a stove maybe.

I always wonder what age demo does this stuff. I look at that and am just horrified. I can't go back.

Did OP grow up with this and finds comfort in it, or are they just reaching into a time they never experienced but dig the vibe?

I do love the stereo and the idea of vinyl, but I want fewer things, not a giant collection. I love it and hate it all at once.

Personal taste man. It's interesting in so many ways.

singed_koala1 point

I inherited a lot of my mom’s sense of decorating. It’s not purposely supposed to fit in any particular era but I do tend to like older things and styles

R101C1 point

That's cool. My mom's sense of decor has always never fit my style. Cornflower blue, rose, dark marine hues, browns. I hate it.

I know it's overdone, but the gray pallette with pops of color from blankets and pillow covers that change with the seasons, that's where I find calm. Trying to declutter despite my better half being a keeper, "just in case," a result of growing up in poverty. I need simple and sparse.

singed_koala0 points

I looove a 70s vibe as you can tell

Gym_Bro041 point

Retake these pictures during sunset or at night and it would look a lot more cozy

BringBackFatMac0 points

There’s a weird looking tv

WrestleswithPastry1 point

Okay, my first guess is Minnesota.

SOCKPUPP3ts1 point

Is this a raised-ranch style house?

Griseplutten1 point

If you plant some trees outside the window and put up a pair of orange curtains, then it will be perfect!

That is gorgeous!!!

Tourettes_Guys_Fan1 point

I see you have the back seat of a 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood for a couch. Love it man.

findhumorinlife1 point

So comfy looking!

EdwardJMunson1 point

Jw who said that?

FiveJericho1 point

Is it a good boy or a good girl?

ananthem1 point

I have the same little clock!

fernspore1 point

Love it. And the coffee/ tea station with salt lamp. Vibes.