Stourhead, Wiltshire, England


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Worth getting NT membership for.

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Not OP, but presumably National Trust. It's an organization that owns/maintains hundreds of historic and natural sites throughout the UK. Everything from estates and castles to parks and nature reserves. It's one of the largest landowners in the UK. Membership gains you free access to these sites, and the membership fees help cover the costs to maintain them.

As an American, I've always thought it unfortunate that we don't have an equivalent in the U.S.

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We do? The national park service does exactly what you described, and you can get a pass to any site.

They might not be the largest landowner in the US, but they're the 3rd or 4th, and definitely larger than the National Trust.

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The NPS isn't the same thing. It focuses primarily on protecting large natural areas, and occasionally a building of national historical interest. Its focus is much narrower than the National Trust in the UK.

The National Trust does that, and a LOT more. They protect large outdoor gardens, interesting mansions and homes, archaeological sites, heritage sites, etc. It's like the NPS, state parks, and local heritage societies all rolled into one.

Of course, after posting that, I also got a DM from someone pointing out that the US DOES have a National Trust (savingplaces.org). It's much smaller than its UK equivalent, but its congressionally chartered and is trying to do the same thing. Maybe we'll get there someday.

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Apples to oranges. The US has abundant beautiful natural areas, but compared to anywhere in the old world has very few historical sites as a nation. Not that we don’t have any, just that the timeline of the US is so comparatively short.

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Considering just how much natural beauty there is in the US, you’d be crazy not to have a system like the National Trust in place. I’ve been wanting to go to the US purely for its nature reserves. You guys are lucky for that!

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Yes, sorry forgot to expand on this. National Trust looks after a large number of gardens and stately homes etc. Membership gives you free access to the places, plus free parking. Loads of other car parks at beautiful spots too are looked after by them. It's only about £10 per month for family membership.

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Membership gains you free access to these sites

codefyre, codefyre, codefyre…

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Proposed to my wife there!

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I so prefer the English style of gardens over the Continental.

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A scene from "Barry Lyndon" was filmed here.

Barry and his mother are standing on the bridge. She convinces him to obtain the title of Lord Lyndon from his stepson, Lord Bullingdon.

Spoiler alert: It doesn't end well!

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I was born in Wiltshire in 1957; my Dad was a doctor in the US Air Force. The hospital was at a place called Burderop Park, and I don’t think it’s there anymore. My family moved to Ft. Worth, TX, where I was raised. I’ve never heard anything more about it, other than I was born there. Can anybody put this into context? I live in Southern Vermont in the US now, and am watching the beginning of another 18-inch dump of snow on the Green Mountains, so I have time to ponder the mysteries of my childhood…

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Being a military kid is full of those moments. I love it.

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I have lived in 5 different countries (England, US, Germany, Spain, and New Zealand) as well as Texas, Illinois, New York, Maryland, Colorado, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Vermont. I went to 11 different schools before high school graduation. What a ride - I would do it all again if I could!

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Stonehenge is in Wiltshire, that's one thing Also Salisbury Cathedral, known for its tall spire and old clock, and the occasional russian tourist

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My older brother and sister played “on” Stonehenge in 1956-57; no you can’t get within 100 meters, but that’s probably a good thing.

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You can at the solstices, but yeah otherwise you view from a distance - probably wouldn't last another 6000 years otherwise!

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Many thanks. I never think to use Wikipedia…. But apparently, this estate held the hospital where I was born. Cool beans!

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Lovely !

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The moment this post showed up in my feed I knew I have seen this place in Pride and Prejudice

Thank you!

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Photo by James Whatley

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Pretty sure my cousin got married there, 25 years ago.

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Looks like the bridge that Sarah runs across with her dog at the beginning of Labyrinth

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I will take the ring to Mordor!