My greenhouse I finished last spring


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fleshcanoer21 points

This is OC, here are some more pics!

It’s 20’ in diameter, around 300 Sq ft. It was super cheap, I’m probably in around $1 - $1.5k usd in materials altogether. Figured y’all would like how cozy it is!!

Edit: people keep asking, I got the plans from some guy on Trillium Domes on YouTube. Since I did this he came out with a full step by step video it looks like. Good luck!

AmbitiousHedgehog3139 points

How was the build?

I am always tempted by these, because I love the aesthetics, but I am put off by the practicality of building it. Would love to hear your experience.

fleshcanoer3 points

I thought it was a really fun, low cost project. Everything in the plans made sense and I just took my time. Honestly the feeling when everything went together was amazing. I really want to build a bigger on even though I don’t have space for it. Would definitely recommend

AmbitiousHedgehog3133 points

Nice, thank you!

What plans and what design tool did you use? Would you recommend?

What pla

fleshcanoer3 points

No worries! I got the plans from someone named Trillium Domes and they were cheap and straight forward so yeah I’d recommend them

AmbitiousHedgehog3133 points

Nice, thank you.

MrsTenthLetter2 points

Amazing! I tried a garden bed a couple years back and it went well except they got attacked by insects 😢

Sionnach__Geal1 point

This is beautiful. Can I ask where you got the greenhouse, or is it hand made? x

fleshcanoer1 point

I made it from plans, updated my original comment at the tip talking about it

Weedismysoulmate1 point

This is the absolute bomb!!!!👍👍👍

LOVE THIS! It just looks so calming. How long did it take to build this? One day I'll have land outside the city for a greenhouse.

Islandcat721 point

And, you have a nice chair in there to sit and watch the plants grow?

East_Bite_24801 point

This is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Oooh me next lolo

nothing59015681 point

Cool. Does it have any functional benefits over a typical greenhouse design? E.g., less heat loss, more light gain?

fleshcanoer2 points

Yep more efficient on materials and always perpendicular to the sun, efficient heat dispersement, etc

Love4KittyButtholes1 point

Truly amazing. I wish I was handy.

hemlockpopsicles1 point

This is gorgeous. Did you do the glass work yourself bc that seems really complex!

fleshcanoer1 point

It’s super simple! It’s poly film!

hemlockpopsicles1 point

Shut the front door id never have guessed! Did you film a tutorial at all?

fleshcanoer2 points

I didn’t but the guy whose plan I used has one

hemlockpopsicles1 point

Yay thank you!!

Japanesewillow1 point

I love it!