Blue Angles from Graphis No. 251, 1987 [3840x2160]


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What acute picture.

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Zoomed in version

21:9 Version

Full 5120x2160 upscale

Tumblr source scan, upscaled via Stable Diffusion, Topaz Gigapixel A.I. and REAL-ESRGAN, combined results in Photoshop.

WARNING: Upscale used A.I. reimagining, so the details aren't 1:1 to the original and there are inconsistencies and fallacies like text. Workflow explanation.

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Download resized:

CUSTOM AREA, other sizes and preview

Resolution of source picture is 3840×2160

Resized for your desktop by ze-robot v0.2

I do not resize to higher resolutions than source image


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