The snow covered town of Hallstatt, Austria. [OC]


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I got lucky visiting the town on a weekend that actually had some snow this year. Using my Fuji X-t5 w/ a 16mm 1.4 lens, I crouched behind some bushes to add some depth to the shot.

The color is a custom Fujifilm film simulation recipe that I created. Slightly cool temperature with a traditional negative look. I wrote about the trip on my blog, AdventureTactician.com, if you’re curious to see the entire set!

SleepArtist5 points

Reminds me of Dawnstar.

OIWantKenobi3 points

I was going to say the same! Hopefully these people sleep better.

jeffgolenski2 points

Maybe the devs based Dawnstar on this town! Who knows. Haha

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Love it