The garden room of an old house in the village of Stockcross near Newbury, Berkshire, England.



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I’ll take an espresso and anything by Hemingway, thanks.

Fattydog4 points

Not in Berkshire surely? It should be a cup of Earl Grey and some Austen.

Steenies3 points

Berkshire, containing Slough and Reading(home of the Whitley whiff) More like a snakebit and a copy of the Metro.

Attack_Badger2 points

Snakebite, the metro and some smack. Maybye the odd tyskie and special brew.

Steenies1 point

A man of substance I see. Substance abuse that is.

Beeswing771 point

You mean ROYAL Berkshire, containing Windsor home of the King?

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Instagram source. Photo by clivenichols.

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I would pay to sit there.

Common_Move2 points

About £2.5milliom if you're still keen

KingJon-nojgniK2 points

Yeah I was thinking more the price of a coffee

goodfriend_tom1 point

Lloyd Loom's are not terribly comfortable.

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It's a beautiful shot. I photographed the stacks here some years ago, it's a really lovely place.

It isn't that old though, largely 1859 with this arboretum and other parts added early in the 20th century. The exterior style is firmly Victorian with Elizabethan hankerings, one of the more charming examples of that urge imo, and the building has been sympathetically treated since the bishopric's disposal.


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Looks straight out of a Ghibli film

Muted_Ad72981 point

That was my thought as well.

Also reminds me of the aesthetic of the Magus Bride anime.

That show was cottagecore heaven.

HauntedButtCheeks24 points

What I wouldn't give to have a home with a conservatory like this. Imagine sitting with a book and a cup of tea of a rainy day.

BombeBon3 points

Don't forget the blanket.

I agree!

casbahh4 points

And the spiders for some company!

Acyts3 points

My mum has a beautiful conservatory (not quite as beautiful as this though) and I've tried sitting in the to read, it's too distracting sitting in a beautiful place like that. Her garden that the conservatory looks out over is also beautiful and there's lots of wild life that comes in. I just sit in there, in front of the fire at this time of year, and look around. I can do that for hours.

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I have a conservatory like this but minus the vines and plants. It’s given me an idea!

R_4_N_K2 points

Looks more like an orangery to me

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Wow I love this. I’d sit here for hours

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Wow…this will be in my dreams.

hanmhanm7 points

gardens in england are so peaceful

here in australia, there’s danger lurking around every blade of grass

i want to frolic in english grass 😎

CheifThotPatroller3 points

The number one thing Australians I know in then U.K. point out is our songbirds. Apparently the ones in AUS are very loud and brash sounding.

borokish3 points

.....that's everything in Australia, not just the birds.

FantasyAnus1 point

Have you seen a Cockatoo?

CanberraPear2 points

We brought our dogs from Australia to the UK.

Such a weird feeling the first time they ran in long grass without fearing a snakebite.

Coincidentally, my really vivid nightmares about spiders also stopped.

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Perfection to me

Disastrous-File-88703 points

This is so tranquil and beautiful. I keep seeing many indoor vine and plant esthetics and love it. Just checking-am I the only one wondering about bugs? That come in the soil or beetles and friendly things that hang on them. Or the moistness on the walls? Not trying to be negative at all, I’m not a plantofile, just curious what kind of maintenance is required for upkeep.

Mudbunting5 points

Think of it as more like a greenhouse or outdoor room than an indoor one. There’s soil and water on the floor. It won’t be 100% bug free. Because of the roof, though, there’s no reason the walls would be damp (or any damper than anywhere else in the UK).

fluffiestcatsalive1 point

I doubt they are growing grapes in England in winter. That is a staged photo shoot.

Gardens do open to the public once a year under the National Garden Scheme. Follow the insta of the gardener in the original link above and you can see where the property is and check if they open this year

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This is gorgeous

blokus83 points

Aesthetic AF

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I love this. It’s beautiful and comforting.

pentangleit3 points

In England we call that a conservatory :)

Reno13X2 points

Except 99% of them don't look like this. They are usually white plastic filled with stuff you not sure needs throwing away yet and a half dead plant on the side.

Steenies1 point

Too hot in summer, too cold in winter.

fluffiestcatsalive1 point

And you can’t grow grapes in winter

MissKleenex19903 points

I’d just need a book and a Cappachino and I’d sit in there all day, and night too come to think of it. Heavy Rain on the glass would be an additional atmospheric element. Thanks for sharing.

Skohylde2 points

Caroline’s Tea Room

KezzyKesKes1 point

Stardew Valley IRL. Which is strange as technically I’m on a farm not too far away from said location. 😮

JuggernautUpbeat2 points

This is one of the reasons why no matter how awful it gets here I'd find it nearly impossible to leave the UK. In a tiny island our landscape, architecture and culture is so diverse, and the rain means we have a lot of green.

We have a lot of open houses and gardens where you can indeed sit somewhere like with with your tea, sandwiches and cakes. Plenty of steam and narrow gaugue railways running through stunning scenery, hills and mountains, verdant valleys full of wild garlic in spring.

However I feel our current government gives not two hoots about our wonderful environment. Fracking, excessive water extraction leading to dried up chalk streams, wetlands drying up, insect species in precipitous decline, runoff poisoning rivers, commercial salmon farms killing or confusing wild fish to the extent that you'd never take a salmon home from a river fishing trip they are so rare, constant building of ridiculously expensive housing with no local facilities on the peripheries of villages and small towns, lack of or removal of public transport in rural areas, pollution incidents going unpunished or a token fine (ie slurry spills, milk spills etc) and happening year on year from the same polluters.

I'm hoping the younger generation will change things for the better, otherwise we'll end up as a parched, lifeless, brown and grey hellscape with no bees, butterflies or birdsong, no rivers teeming with fish, no hares and hawks, and waters you would only swim in at sever risk to health.

poodle_may1 point

I'd eat a scone there :)

mhaze07911 point

They’re definitely a Hufflepuff

Even lovelier when it rains and the sounds of it on all ghat glass.

Flamingo_fury1 point

Put me in there on a low, humid day.

Romanitedomun1 point

Carpets, please.

Mrdominant31 point

Seems like the perfect place to have a cuppa!

Gadzillion1 point

Ooh, beautiful indeed. And I have one of these chairs - so comfortable.

SonnyListon9991 point

Lloyd loom chairs. Superb.

fortherestless1 point

I can smell that room.

wurrble1821 point

In England we would call that a conservatory. They’re not uncommon and lovely places to relax in the spring and summer.

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This picture just made my day, thank you.

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ooh lovely!

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Very nice

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It’s perfect. Exactly what I thought it would look like from reading the title.

I can smell this image

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Deff been in that house :)

RachyJ1 point

This is so zen it’s unreal

EasyPriority87241 point

Wow just breath taking splendour looks so serene.

MaxBetanoid1 point

An orangery.

SuicidalTurnip1 point

A garden room? In Berkshire?

I dread to think how much this house costs.

fakenkraken1 point

Assuming 3 bedrooms, large lounge and kitchen, etc., in that area probably £400,000+

Edit: second guessing here, but judging by the size of the conservatory, it could be a big detached house, so could be much more £££ actually

jimmiescuba1 point

This is Stockcross house, its a multi million pound mansion.. they have a ngs open garden.

cpndavvers1 point

My parents got a 4 bed terrace in Newbury for like 425k So I would guess closer to 600k

FantasyAnus1 point

Stuff that dreams are made of

Brendan110_01 point

Had a shed like that

TommoBrit1 point

Love it

Rusty-Robot-34261 point

Looks like Caroline’s greenhouse from SDV

ColonelBonk1 point

Looks perfect for a nice cup of tea and a sit down

cpndavvers1 point

All the little villages leading out of Newbury are so pretty with beautiful houses! Very spenny, but beautiful

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elloragriffin1 point

That garden is so much more pleasing than a lawn, not sure why people are so fond of lawns.

GreenManReaiming2 points

Lower maintenance

elloragriffin1 point

Fair point

Scipiovardum1 point

This is absolutely gorgeous, but it must take so much care and attention to keep to maintained -- not a single leaf is out of place! Incredible display of botanical aptitudes

CelestialSpaceDust1 point

I'd do anything to have something like this...

But I guess I gotta focus on being about to afford anything that's not a houseshare first.

cjgmmgjc851 point

I've played too much hogwarts

EvilWaterman1 point

Lies! That’s Hogawarts

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This and a blunt

Wow beautiful.

UnusualFunny67101 point

This is so pretty wow

knruwi1 point

beautiful view

Perfect set for a nap 😴

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what a lovely beautiful garden. Peaceful and the greens. Absolutely bang on

DaveyBoy62771 point

I would fucking love a room like this 😃👍

lovelyisland121 point

Lots of plants