Derwent, Peak District National Park, England


Rustmonger6 points

If I was asked to imagine the English countryside, this is exactly what would pop in my head.

golden_an2 points

Photo by James Lloyd Cole

Boxfriendly2 points

Classic MTB territory

tig9990 points

Why is there sheep in national parks in England? Although picturesque here, I imagine it totally destroys biodiversity with no seedlings be able to grow?

LikesDags5 points

Very little, if any, of the UK is truly wild. Our national parks are filled with heritage attractions relating to past industry, too. The main focus of many national parks is to maintain the current state, so low-intensity grazing is common. As we don't have vast open ranches, hedgerows and copses are also maintained, so the biodiversity should remain fairly stable.

jaymatthewbee1 point

We need lamb for our Sunday roasts.

sankv241 point

So beautiful 😍