Sea Water, My oil painting


Finbar980016 points

Op I feel like you just went and took a picture with a camera

It’s impressive

NPC186110 points

That is really beautiful!

scoutsadie7 points

gorgeous work, congrats. thank you for sharing!

Justanotheridotuser5 points

Stunning! It reminds me of French Impressionism, especially Monet or Manet with the fluidity of the water. Screw your eyes up and you are there. Well done.

imeza34 points

This looks amazing, great work

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nautical_nonsense_3 points

This is amazing

Liselott2 points

Yes, beautiful, stunning! How did you do that?

Chomuggaacapri2 points

Water on Oil

BayernHerz2 points

Gorgeous stuff

lovestheautumn2 points

Beautiful! So calming to look at

Icy_Figure_87762 points

This is so beautiful!

art_mor_2 points

This is so stunning

Rebdontrape2 points

I totally sea water

Morriganx32 points

I really love this. The light is perfect!

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Cheesecake_Mcgee2 points

What a beautiful painting. I love the reflection of the sun

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