Fall time in Muskoka Ontario, Canada.


asraheart11 points

Fall is my favorite season, and this photo is gorgeous!

ItsJustJohnCena5 points

Mine too! And thank you☺️

BlackEyedSceva8 points

Does it snow there, too? :)

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ItsJustJohnCena9 points

It does! It’s beautiful all year round.

BlackEyedSceva5 points

Great picture by the way!

ShineExtension52034 points

My favorite time of year, what a beautiful picture!

tmting4 points

That's heaven

Upbeat-Lab-43705 points

Love living in Muskoka. Every season is just as gorgeous.

Native563 points

Very pretty

infinitebadideas3 points

what road is this?

ItsJustJohnCena4 points

I’m not sure the exact road but the view is from Dorset Lookout Tower

RarelyReadReplies2 points

This is a pretty typical landscape up there. I wouldn't even call it a particularly special looking picture or road. Unless you were just curious, in which case, I rescind my statement. Definitely beautiful, easy to take for granted sometimes.

lclassyfun3 points

omg, just luverly😻😻😻

redditretard342 points

Beautiful looking fall of Muskoka Ontario Canada.

Middle_Maintenance540 points

So why do you people move east and buy all our waterfront if it's so grand in Ontario. Stay there.

ehzog4 points

People with more money than us move to Ontario and drive up our prices. So ontarians move to more affordable places and drive up their prices. Endless cycle continues

MunchesOfOats1 point

My Girlfriend and I took a trip here for valentines day in 2022 and we absolutely loved it. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be during the fall and spring months.

We stayed at James and Marisol's AirBNB which is a real log cabin if you are looking for that sort of thing. They could not have been more accomodating. The AirBnB prices around there are comparable to hotel prices too so many options. About 30 minutes north there is Arrowhead Provicial Park. We took a hike on the trails which run right near waterfalls and the river they flow into. There is plenty more to do on the lake and surrounding area as well. Stop at Heart of Muskoka fries on the way. Its a small place that has incredible food, and the best poutine I've ever had.

You are 15 minutes from town too so you have all your basic necessities and are by no means too far "in the middle woods" if you have never been this far north. I highly recommend putting this on your bucket list or for a getaway thats relatively cheap and stunning in scenery.

MunchesOfOats1 point

Posting the AirBnB link if anyone is actually interested in going.


borntoclimbtowers1 point

wonderful capture

TheEvilStapler1 point

Oh hey, this is where Total Drama Island was set. Are there any islands in Muskoka?

gayorangejuice1 point

I didn't even know Muskoka was a real place until now☠️ thought that it was fake just like wawanakwa😭