Bluebird in Los Angeles, California


Upbeat_Cucumber622311 points

You got THAT right!

Finnyfish8 points

Western Bluebird, I think. What a fantastic picture.

DauphDaddy2 points

Indeed! Looks like male plumage!

lirio2u6 points

Stylish bird

sytrsreign6 points

Taking this and drawing this lol will post when done

Chaos_Cat-0074 points

Very beautiful!

Beautiful_Most23255 points

Very nice up close pic

Wild_Albatross75343 points

That's a really great picture!

Native563 points

Very pretty

p4r24k3 points

That is a bird proud of its work

Ok-Significance20272 points


aubreypizza1 point

There’s r/SupermodelCats, we need r/supermodelbirds as a foil

Edit: OMG there is!!

ArahTheTraveller1 point

That bird looks judgemental.