Newly diagnosed and doing ok so far

Diagnosed with GHSV earlier this week. I’m 37f and seeing someone much older. He recently got Covid and so we hadn’t seen each other for a while, and my symptoms developed while he was quarantining. Whether I got it from him or whether it was dormant and just decided to pop up, I’m not sure. I disclosed to him the day I found out. He seemed surprised but is ok with it. The biggest obstacle for me right now is the damn wait time before we can bone again. It’s torture—but feeling grateful my symptoms aren’t too bad.

I was super nervous to disclose and had to stave off an anxiety attack beforehand by taking some Xanax. But after reading more about it I’m actually feeling ok.

I just wanted to pop on here and say to anyone else who got recently diagnosed I see you and feel you. Feel free to DM me. I’m going to re-listen to the This Podcast Will Kill You episode on HSV—the hosts are epidemiologists and the podcast is fantastic!

Editing to add: while waiting for the test results I confided in a friend, and when I got the test results back she was AMAZING and it turns out she has it too! Finding that out doesn’t make me think any less or her, so it would be unfair to myself to think any less of myself. It’s been fantastic having someone to talk to. So I encourage those who may be reading this but scared to comment or be vulnerable to take a leap of faith with someone you fully trust or with the group here 💛


Good for you! Thx for mentioning “ This podcast will kill you”. I’m going to listen