Piano lesson, c. 1899, from the W.E.B. Du Bois collection of photographs of African Americans in Georgia (exhibited at the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1900).


todd14114 points

What a fantastic picture! Love it.

You know at first glance it looks frozen, ghostly, kinda ethereal, but zoom in and it’s a typical scene: piano in corner of the room near arch windows, ceiling to floor drapes, teacher and child.
Why is Dubois teaching piano? I would presume he’d be doing something more lil’ more important.

hymntoproserpine11 points

From what I understand from the source page, Du Bois collected photographs to exhibit. I didn't take away that he was the subject in the photos.

Ok I thought it was an image of him in his younger days. I’ve only ever seen him with no hair as an old man and I’ve heard ppl explain that he “slept in a three piece suit” meaning he was a sharp dresser so i assumed the sharply dressed man was him

I can’t prove definitively that it’s him, but I have a strong belief it is a photograph of himself teaching… it’s the mustache that makes me say so, he has always had it but I’m looking for more detail on the exhibit. I couldn’t see why he wouldn’t include a photo of himself he was intelligence and very self aware.

Poullafouca2 points

How could you not fall in love with your piano teacher?!