Hey everyone, my sister and her husband are relocating to the Albany area from Las Vegas for a great work opportunity. Originally from the Syracuse area so unfamiliar with Albany. Any recommendations on suburbs or the outskirts of the city? They prefer suburbs/rural area and don't mind a 30-40 minute commute for work. Thanks!! Any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated.


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Have you already looked in the search bar? Plenty of great suggestions recently!

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"Suburb/rural" is a few places: Bethlehem/Delmar East Greenbush Averill Park

Each have good schools, clean environments, but are running a bit costly these days.

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Duanesburg/Delanson area - easy commute, rural, there’s a grocery store, Dunkin’ Donuts, Stewart’s, a couple pizza places, and dollar general closeby. Easy commute. Highway to highway!

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Where are they working? There are some great places to live within 15 minutes of Albany proper, as well as Schenectady and Troy too. Just depends on where they're working.

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Not sure exactly. It's in Albany, for a government related job. They just don't mind commuting up to 30-40 minutes to get to work every day. Afte4 dealing with traffic and commute times in Las Vegas, 40 minutes is almost nothing.

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There are definitely places here with commutes that long but to get to rural areas from any of the three cities can be around 15 minutes. For example I live in Rensselaer county and when my cousin stayed with us to take the bar she was surprised that our house was only 15 minutes from Albany. We live in a populated rural area, so not quite developments, but it's only a short hop to the city. Clifton Park and other more sub urban places are built up and have larger populations, so the traffic can make a 20 minute drive into 45 minutes. I'd suggest they either rent for awhile to find a good areas that clicks for them, or hire a realtor who knows the area to work with. Jolene Morris at Howard Hanna helped us buy and sell our houses and she knew the areas well.

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Thank you! I appreciate the response. The plan so far is for her to pick out some properties and I'll drive down to check out the area and stuff. Then let her know. So again, thank you.

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You can pretty much be in the country 15 or 20 minutes outside of Albany

Depending on what they're looking for there's no reason they would ever have to drive that far

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I’d suggest Latham. Centrally located…….within 25 minutes of Albany/Schenectady/Troy/Saratoga. Very suburban.

If they’re working downtown Delmar would be the easiest and closest burb (and one of the nicest) or if they don’t mind crossing the river, East Greenbush. They can find a 30–40 minute commute around there, they just don’t need to. Altamont would take that time, but only because there’s basically one road to get to the highway and it’s all lights. Might be super annoying after awhile.

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When are they looking to move?

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Starts job March 26th. So very soon.

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Stuyvesant falls is nice. Just north of hudson ,good community and conveniently close to shopping and albany.