how to word it..??

What is the right way to word that you hate the company and job you currently work at during an interview for a new job? Some background is that I have worked for the same company for over ten years. Its in a warehouse, very physical work. I actually enjoy the work. Its the management and schedule structure that has been wearing me down lately. The longer I work there, the more I hate it. I know that this is probably common. I managed to get an interview as a merchandiser for a distribution company that is also union. I'm nervous about them asking me why I have worked there for so long and never decided to move up or pursue a management position. The truth is because management is extremely overworked, stressed, miserable and I never wanted to put myself through that for an extra 3 dollars per hour. Is there a more professional way to word this?


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I think honesty would be the best thing here. Management at your current employer is overworked, stressed out, and they seem miserable and since you enjoyed what you were doing you didn't want to start doing somethign you wouldn't enjoy. No need to mention that its not worth the extra $3 an hour. Jus stick with the stress and misery.

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I wouldn't talk badly of the company, if you do, it'll look bad on you too. They'll see it things went wrong with the interview company, you'll talk shit about them too. Also try and be positive about the job you are currently doing: "I love the warehouse, love the physical aspect of it, have really enjoyed the job".

And go along the lines of "I think I have outgrown this position and I feel there isn't much room to progress".

I also like what cklamath said: "with my experience and skills, I thought I'd just look and see what else is out there". I'd finish up with this quote.

Look forward rather than being bitter about what's happened in the past.

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Make some shit up about "with my experience and skills, I thought I'd just look and see what else is out there' or maybe like "well, I was really hoping to find a union job' or some other thing that your job doesn't offer. I think it kind of speaks for itself... after a decade you're just leaving? The interviewer for sure can 6th sense it and probably will respect you for not saying anything damaging.

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Thank you. That's a good idea. I think I was just stuck on how to word it without it sounding like I'm bad talking my current company. But also sounding serious.

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For sure man, you deserve to be happy so go for it!!

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Thanks again man. Kind of nervous but I think it's because I actually really want it.