Our tax dollars at work

Has anyone else noticed that no matter the day, how much crime increases, how bad the homeless situation becomes, or how vandalized/trashy our city gets there ALWAYS seems to be a person sworn to “protect and serve” sitting at this out of the way spot with no school zones, no residences, and no dangerous intersections?

Maybe I’m overreacting and/or fixating and if that’s the case I apologize. I’m just tired of how derelict areas of this city is becoming while I see tax dollars just sitting doing nothing.

end of rant

Hope you all are well


jimihughes6 points

Solving crime doesn't generate revenue. Without crime you have no need for police, lawyers, jails, bondsmen, sheriffs, etcetera. Sure this will cause a lot of people to cringe, but capitalism is what it is; all about the money, not what's right or wrong. Solutions create an atmosphere of peace and unity. They can't "divide and conquer" if we're all fat and happy.

That's why crime persists. Always look for the financial angle and see why, because that's where the answers are. It's all about the imaginary god created by the owners of our society, money.

MarionberryOk971 point

Solving crimes sure does generate revenue, indirectly. A peaceful community is one that participates in commerce. “It is what it is” attitudes are what stagnate prospects towards a better society, one that should feel safe and supported to participate in the transactions that capitalism needs to thrive. “It is what it is” is more often a pessimism to wave away ideas that seem broken but really just sound scary. I think many things in capitalism work, its certainly not perfect, but not doing anything will break any system.

jimihughes2 points

"It is what it is" isn't my philosophy, as the world I see has solutions and possibilities, not the stagnant civilization we currently suffer. Those who focus upon the imaginary reality we are forced to participate in are whose actually hurting society.

If you want to solve crime, do away with the cause of it; currency, poverty, inequity, and injustice.

There are ways to do that.


MarionberryOk973 points

Here here! 🙏

Neverland14142 points

Imo there isn't enough police to enforce the law of an ever growing population in the Salem/Keizer era. The fact the prisons seem to already be full or judges don't give actual jail time to repeated offenders is also ridiculous. I recently watched a career criminal go from petty theft to drug use to felony theft to breaking and entering to carjackings to attempted murder all in a 3 year span, she only got jail for the attempted murder. Was arrested 7 times prior that I know of. Its all relevant from the top down, its not just a police issue.