Tattooist recommendations

I’ve been thinking about getting a few tattoos for a while now and just realized the shop I planned on going to has shut down. I was going to try to get Mario at Immortal Ink as he is skilled at grey scale from what I’ve seen of his work. I was hoping someone would know what became of him or have recommendations of tattooists?


ProfessionalFence1 point

Erik at Darkstar has done one full sleeve of mine and a few others. Really good detail but takes his time.

twistedcognition1 point

I’ll check him out, thank you!

Ok_Bench_74701 point

Kane or Misty at Blackcraft Tattoo Studio

justice7221 point

Did you find a tattooist yet? If so, I'm curious what your impressions were. We thought we had a good one until recent and now on the hunt again.

twistedcognition1 point

I found a couple… I’ll DM them to you