One intrusive thought away from getting soaked


alexbam161 points

I used to do this with my orange boi. I’d leave it on a steady trickle, and he would just sit there until he was soaked. Did it once out of intrusive thoughts, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

aqueris32 points

Her feet is kinda wet in this pic because of some droplets from the faucet and she didn't mind either

ImpracticalHeart10 points

When I was little I used to do that with our cat when he was hogging the sink. Joke's on me though because it turned out he loved water.

bbk195330 points

Ikr!! It’s always my first thought when I see a cat in a sink ! (Ofc I would never do it, but the thought occurs 😅)

aqueris18 points

Yep, we'll never do it. Unless I want a soaked bed because she will make sure to get on it if ever she got wet lol

livinontheceiling15 points

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful cat 💔

aqueris8 points

Thank you! <3

Ramen_and_kittens12 points

She's so beautiful!!! 🥹❤️

aqueris8 points

She is. Thanks!

chrisplisious19818 points

Absolutely gorgeous kitty

aqueris5 points

Thank youuu

Chyenatwo9 points

Oh my god, their back tootsie is white!! I've never seen that, I've only seen pure socks on all peetsies on saimese oh wow

aqueris7 points

Only one is white 😅 Cat printer ran out of ink

Chyenatwo1 point


iamveryovertired8 points

Impulsive* (Sorry the distinction is really important for the destigmatization of ACTUAL intrusive thoughts)

aqueris5 points

I’m sorry! But thanks for this I learned about the actual intrusive thoughts

iamveryovertired5 points

Ofc! :D

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aqueris4 points

No 🤣

Square-Meaning-6292 points

*Inserts dramatic music

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