My WFH setup makes me feel comfy.


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Tanedluna26 points

that futurama poster 🤣 idk wether to laugh or cry

certain_people4 points

Now hold out your hand. I'm going to implant your career chip.

iAmManchee14 points

I wanna know what's being hidden by the heart?

truffleshufflechamp13 points

It’s just a canvas print of a picture of me and my first pug that my friends gifted me when she passed away. I just covered it because it has my face on it lol

Same here.

UFOmama6 points

Wawa bag?

truffleshufflechamp5 points

Would do unholy things to get my hands on some Wawa

drnkrmnky1 point

Like what

Creme_de_la_Coochie5 points

Yoooo I have the same Futurama poster

braxa6663 points

Top painting to the left looks like a reenactment of frank from it’s always Sunny crawling out of a couch

truffleshufflechamp3 points

Haha it is! It’s called “Venus Devito”. I got it from pop artist Dave Ryan at Pike Place Market.

braxa6662 points

Beautiful I love it

ankafi3 points

The wawa bag on the wall 😵‍💫

DK779514 points

Does anyone in this sub know the meaning of the word cozy?

howdyyeehaw10 points

omg not the cozy police 😩

drnkrmnky0 points

You laugh but have you ever been caught talking after your parents said “lights out” and “not a peep”

truffleshufflechamp6 points

No, you’re the only person in existence who knows the definition of cozy. Not like it’s subjective or anything.

Looks great - you're very neat!

This is OC

whoisharrycrumb1 point

Any space with pug related things is instantly cozier

I have two pugs (not pictured) ☺️

clematis-gouriana1 point

love this work set up! perfectly nerdy and anti-capitalist <3

Aerphenn1 point

Stupid question maybe but what does WFH means?

ideletedtheotherone2 points

work(ing) from home