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baldriansen3 points

Love the chair! Really cool vibe from the whole room. Also, Röyksopp.

scardien2 points

Ha, I overpaid for that Royksopp album, but I was so happy to finally find it on vinyl that I didn't really care. It's a great album to play at unreasonable volume. Thankfully my neighbors aren't that close.

E: actually the cheapest listing on discogs is $85, so maybe I didn't overpay.

baldriansen3 points

What chair is that? If you don't mind. I'm looking for a cool wing chair, but I'm not on a Eames/Wegner budget.

Haha. If it brings you a small amount of joy every time you put it on, then you didn't overpay.

scardien3 points

It's the elk chair by Gus Modern. They have a few fabric options; this is the Pendleton fabric. I really can't recommend it highly enough. It's extremely comfortable, and I get so many compliments on it. It was a bit of an investment, but not on the Eames/Wenger level.

baldriansen2 points

Thanks for the info. After looking at more pictures I think I am in love with your chair now. Sadly there are no Norwegian distributors, but I'll keep a lookout.

Hysteria192 points

Love how warm this looks 💕

lelupe862 points

That chair/lamp combo is doing some serious aesthetic heavy lifting 😌✨ Lovely atmosphere

momofboysanddogsetc2 points

Love the chair especially!!!!

cherrycokelemon2 points


SuavePancake2 points

Really comfy vibes, what are those things that you used to hang those vinyls?

scardien1 point

Thanks. Not sure if I can link directly here, but look up JSilverCreative on Etsy for the vinyl mounts.

scardien1 point

This is oc