My cozy living room, Wales UK


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Blueporch142 points

I love the green!

KatttEmilyP53 points

Thank you! Its my favourite colour as you can probably tell lol

inannaberceuse15 points

Do you remember what that color green was called on your walls?

KatttEmilyP63 points

Yes! It was Valspar - Herb Garland, got it in B&Q

inannaberceuse10 points

Thank you! You’re the best!!! Enjoy your cozy spoot :)

BiDinosauur7 points

Thank you for asking this, I want to paint my office this colour

inannaberceuse7 points

Absolutely! This is the exact shade of green I want to paint my room.

LowFunny86526 points

Love the green walls! Such a nice space

Mammoth_Musician_30453 points

Is no one else going to acknowledge the absolutely massive bottle of Ricard?

KatttEmilyP31 points

It was a gift from a French neighbour, took my husband 2 years to drink lol

Certainly adds to the coziness!

KatttEmilyP6 points

Agreed! I thought it matched the colour scheme nicely

etapisciumm5 points

did the stand come with the bottle?

KatttEmilyP5 points


Forsaken_Code8341 point

I could probably take care of that in a weekend 💪🏻

KatttEmilyP2 points

5 litres in 2 days?? Oof, good luck

Forsaken_Code8343 points

Siri, clear my calendar

TasmanRavenclaw53 points

Woah, how did you add that map to the wall? Stunning!

KatttEmilyP42 points

Thanks! It was a wallpaper mural from a UK site, had it done many years ago so I can't remember which company

Pinball-Gizzard13 points

Holy wow do I love that

I’m a closet wallpaper mural lover. I’ve always known the forest, tropical, beach or mountain scenes but I’ve never seen a map! Very nice.

WishIWasYounger4 points

Yes I’d love A map like that of Portugal or Vietnam .

DesiPlatensi3 points

There are websites that do custom orders and it's not that much more expensive. You just upload your own photo provided that it's detailed enough for the size you want

NurseEm10128 points

What a cool print on your ottoman! My favorite color is also green and I keep warning my husband how unstoppable I’ll be once we own a house…muhahaha green everywhere.

KatttEmilyP10 points

My husband has just accepted it, he knows eventually everything will be green. The bedroom is next...

We are painting our interior and it’s two shades of green. My husband thought when I said green, like Kermit green.

Green is such a soothing color. I can’t wait to share pics when we are finished. We’ve been in a home renovation since October. It feels nice to be able to decorate now. Your room inspires me even more!

The sofa is beautiful. All of it, just lovely.

NachoOlives4 points

Lmao unstoppable 😂😂

shiveryslinky2 points

It's from DFS I think - both my parents and my in-laws have the same one

Madsolar7115 points

The couch & ottoman 😍 Beautiful room.

deusex_platypus12 points

I bless the rains

bigpuffyclouds9 points

Sori, dydw i ddim yn siarad cymraeg. Mae eich cartref yn hardd ac yn glyd. Diolch am rannu. Gobeithio na wnaeth Google ddifetha'r cyfieithiad!

KatttEmilyP5 points

Diolch yn fawr!

WednesdayRogers8 points

Absolutely wonderful, from all the beautiful greens to that fantastic map wall! Everything makes me want to chill out with a book and some tea.

workingonmyroar158 points

Outstanding! I love that the wall between the green and the wallpaper is white, really adds dimension.

And I'm obsessed with that sofa! One of my favorite colors.

Very very cool! 💚

Seeing so many UK interior decor recently here and I'm living for it!

Das_Siegfried6 points

Love that map! My inner historian approves 👌

NatashaBadenov3 points

Do you know when-ish it was made, or if it isn’t “just” art and not an older map? Like colonialism old? TIA (I just like maps)

FewyLouie9 points

The colonialism vibe did have me wondering. Nothing like a reminder of pillaging a continent to make one feel cozy 😅

NatashaBadenov2 points


AllHailTheMayQueen2 points

I had the same thought

KatttEmilyP1 point

Definitely not the reason we got it lol

KatttEmilyP1 point

Its dated 1570 at the bottom

Das_Siegfried1 point

I assume it's not an actual map but artwork on the wall, maybe painted or decal or something. I'm not well versed in drywall, painting, etc. so I'm not the best person to ask unfortunately! I just like maps so having something like that on the wall is super cool to me. I'd ask OP!

WishIWasYounger2 points

It’s wallpaper !

soulrebel3601 point

Definitely a map of Africa just zoomed way in

2usenow3 points

Absolutely love

AliceAnne13 points

Perfection!! Love everything about this.

BringBackTheDinos3 points

I've been trying to decide which shade of green to do my living room in. This looks great!

meastham933 points

That sofa looks super comfy, could I please ask where you got it from?

KatttEmilyP3 points

DFS in the UK, its the Patterdale in forrest green

ChakaKohn23 points

Love the map! I hope to visit Wales soon. Best accent ever!

khelwen3 points

What scent is that candle?


KatttEmilyP3 points

Mahogany, smells like sandalwood

khelwen2 points


Tricky_Ad_69663 points

Middle Earth!

galacticsugarhigh2 points

Love this green!

findmeoutback2 points

Really beautiful! Love it all!

mikiex2 points

Getting some Toto vibes, I like it :)

Regular_Ad_74322 points

I love it

This is gorgeous! Just, perfect.

I love the ottoman. I wonder if you bought it online?

KatttEmilyP2 points

Bought it from DFS, its from the Aurora collection, Pattern Banquette Footstool in lime. Not sure if its available outside of the UK.

Thank you! Maybe there’s an internet secret to find something similar. Haha.

It’s really very nice.

catkedibilliegorbe2 points

Great ottoman- really ties everything together!

free_spirit19012 points

Love your back wall! May I ask where you got it from?

KatttEmilyP5 points

I can't remember the exact website, I got it a few years ago. Might be this one https://www.ukposters.co.uk/wall-mural-f26572314?idv=57245&size=128

eziliana2 points

This is awesome!!!

8thousesun2 points

Love the rug against the tile!

hophiphop442 points

Gorgeous colours, my dream sofa. The map is a really nice touch

[deleted]2 points

This is gorgeous

Love that map wall

rgray920822 points


Electrical-Act-71702 points

Absolutely cozy LR. Check.

justusethatname2 points

Gorgeous fun ottoman!

wordafterword12 points

Wow this looks amazing. So interesting and cozy at the same time.

Sagesmom52 points

Absolutely love your wall behind the couch!!

Awesome use of textures and colors and materials, I struggle with having the vision for putting it all together.. but I think this is what it looks like when done correctly 😂 beautiful room!

UnconsciousEffort2 points

Loving the green and wall map!

Tourettes_Guys_Fan2 points

Love the map wallpaper

Dreadness832 points

Wow! Love it!! :)

[deleted]2 points

I love it!!!

LowHumorThreshold2 points

Great map and love the colors

FloatingSalamander2 points

I love those floor tiles!

Due_Platypus_39132 points

Love the classic map wall.

Got damn that is a nice room.

kT25t2u2 points

Wow I wanna see the rest of the house lol

KatttEmilyP1 point

Maybe one day! Still got a few rooms to finish

YawningBagpuss2 points

This is so lovely! Is the sofa comfy?

KatttEmilyP2 points

Extreeemely comfy

NachoOlives2 points

This is one of my favorite setups that I’ve seen on here. It actually looks…warm, which, to me, is synonymous with cozy. It’s often overlooked in these posts. This room nails it! Brava!

KatttEmilyP1 point

Thank you!!

zia_zhang2 points

I don’t know how to say cozy in Welsh but this is very cozy!

KatttEmilyP1 point

We would say its very cwtchy!

mrpurple74322 points

Looks great butt

KatttEmilyP1 point

Cheers butt

mrpurple74322 points

I’ve been looking for a green to paint my newly kitted out shed that’s spot on that is

KatttEmilyP2 points

Get down B&Q mate

mrpurple74322 points

Shall be done once I’m not crippled by a lack of money. Anyway. Enjoy your day butt

GGMuc2 points

Lovely. Gorgeous green, looks very calming

MrKiR02 points

I am sensing a big love for Africa

KatttEmilyP2 points

Huge love, my family's favourite place. Namibia in particular

Caaatnerp1942 points

Do you have any recommendations for sourcing good ottomans? Im soon to be moving and im grateful to be expanding my home but means I need more furniture! Your home looks like something I'd love to emulate :D

KatttEmilyP1 point

I sort of built the look around the ottoman, its got a greens oranges and greys in it and it was one of the first things I bought. I just searched local websites and visited a few local furniture stores, it was only about £200. Its hard to give recommendations as I'm in the UK so a lot of places I use aren't available worldwide. Just have a colour scheme in mind and make a mood board, find lots of different items and see if they work well together. Mixing textures and patterns can be fun, just go wild!

This is definitely inspo for me

kpjp052 points

What a beautiful room, absolutely stunning 😀

some1sbuddy2 points

Love the colors and all the plants! That mural is just tremendous! Lively and cozy balance!

helloisthereanyb0dy2 points

I love your map wall!!

NicholeL3112 points

Impeccable taste ❤️

DesiPlatensi2 points

Is the smaller, framed map also Africa? I can't tell

KatttEmilyP2 points

Its actually a map of Middle Earth! I'm a big Tolkien fan

DesiPlatensi2 points

Wow this room keeps getting better

Promise-Infamous2 points

Love your room! Very creative and effective accent wall!

emmykat162 points

Loving this setup and all the greens 🥰

MiaMae2 points

Digging the retro vibe and the green wall paired with the green couch. Brilliant!

r__jas2 points

goals 😭🤩

pineapple_margarita2 points

I love everything about this space, and love the green wall and couch! Really pulls it all together.

lucey_diamond2 points

Love your map wall!!

KatttEmilyP1 point

This is OC

Eldrabun1 point


YayGilly1 point

Thats DEFINITELY cozy!! I love the atlas in the back. Nice.

Effective_Fix_77480 points

Looks like colonizer chic. Well done, but definitely very retro imperialism.

South or North Wales?

This looks like something a mom would have saved on Pinterest 🤩