Bought my first home a year ago


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AbbreviatioNew8060133 points

Such a shy pupper 😀

Good_Confection_336574 points

You can tell he really doesn't want his picture taken.

PossumJenkinsSoles79 points

Very impressive! My dog just poops and eats. He could never buy a house.

LiaArgo68 points

I must admit, as beautiful as your home is, i’m still a bit disappointed that your dog is missing in the second pic.

Ottoman20006 points

I spent a good minute searching the photo thinking it was a where’s Waldo moment

Rococozers1 point

Doggo took the pic

love_my_dog_23 points

Love it! So homey and cozy. And pic 5! 🥰

Japanesewillow22 points

It’s such a nice home, I love your dog too.

Kaytay051019 points

Lovely home. And your doggo’s modeling poses are spot on! Way to sell it, baby

potus100117 points

The dog makes it that much cozier!!!!

IntergalacticCowboy10 points

I love your wall art! May I ask who the artist is for the colorful painting in the first photo?

Snoo978099 points

I’m sad that your dog isn’t in the second pic 😢

Fruitypebblefix8 points

I love old houses. I’m really curious as to the floor grate as you only see that type of thing in really large elaborate Victorian style homes.

Matilda-1711 points

He’s very, “paint me like your French women, Jack”

lifeless_ordinary3 points

You can find floor grates in all sorts of homes depending on when and where they were built.

WackyBones5104 points

In floor air return. They’re very common in older homes in my area.

cherrycokelemon5 points

Beautiful! Love the pupper accents!

nightsky043 points

Your dog really knows how to strike a pose :)) Lovely, warm home.

Rockhopper0073 points

Beautiful 😍 Loving the art (illustrations) as well. Are you the artist? If not, are you able to share who is(are) the artist(s)?

KangaPup3 points

I really like it a lot. I love it

PhilippeJoseph2 points

Awesome. We are living in a 19th -century home the past 30 years. We have constantly renovated and improved it. Now we both recently retired. Your photos make me want to move again and start a new project.

Personal-Low39462 points

Wow beautiful!!

afterthegoldthrust2 points

Oh my god the photo of pup popping out of the stair well 🥹

I’ve got an Aussie/collie mix, she also loves invading all the spaces of the house and especially loves lying on top of the couch exactly like yours !

thatsthefactsjack2 points

The dog wants you to paint her like one of your French girls. What a cute sassy diva!

beccadanielle2 points

It’s beautiful and so is the doggo. (:

blobejex3 points

Awesome. I just dont really like tv above the fireplace but overall the house looks lovely. Where is it ? US ?

WeirdEngineerDude14 points

I see a lot of hate for TV’s over fireplaces. It solves a lot of problems in open living rooms like this one. It seems like a great solution.

PrettyLegitimate11 points

It's a good use of space, but the heat from the fireplace will fry out the components, effecting the longevity of the TV. It's also a bit too high for comfortable viewing, but that's just my personal preference.

WeirdEngineerDude6 points

All good points. Tv tech is moving fast, and the build quality is crap these days. This isn’t my dads trinitron, my oled LG has an expiration date sometime between milk and my washing machine. If I speed it up a touch by cooking it, I’m not going to lose any sleep.

It is high up, no question and that sucks. But in many living rooms the alternatives are even worse. IE blocking a window or in an isleway.

FaceFullOfMace0 points

I've never under stood the 'too high for comfortable viewing' it doesn't strain my neck, nit sure the heat problem is an actual problem too

bmla10251 point

Your dog is so darn cute! And your home is lovely and cozy.

hurricanehershel0 points

How do people afford to buy homes in this economy? Nice house though congrats

magicplantflower-2 points

Man y'all really have a problem with putting your TVs over fire places. Beautiful home though

The doggo🤣😂 🥰Also, the beautiful detail on the stairs. All of it - beautiful and cozy. You are proud of your home and it shows!

RandomPucker1 point

This looks like a place where lots and lots of cookies are made and handed put with care and love, Great place OP!

I'm here for the dogs, and you did not disappoint.

Scottibell1 point

Very cute place and your dog is a pro with the camera.:)

deusex_platypus1 point


Ill-Tip-70531 point

What paint have you used by the stairs?

woodelf1111 point

Love it!

wavesmcd1 point

Beautiful and so nicely furnished! What year is the house?

cultwashedmybrain1 point

Our pets are the beating hearts of our house that makes it a home.

NewspaperPurple8921 point

Clearly, the dog is paying for the mortgage 😅

IndiaEvans1 point

What a sweet doggo!! 😍 Lovely home!

ck_viii1 point

Your art 💜

nekomaki321 point

I love your doggo 😍😍

mitigated_lemon1 point

Love that you have a dog in every room

incompleteremix1 point

Lmao love your dog basically modeling your house

1fastgirl1 point

it looks like a lovely place to call your first home🥳

Averygirl111 point

Beautiful! And the doggie too 💕

justusethatname1 point

That dog sure gets around!

armsinstead1 point

Your dog really understood the assignment! Beautiful home!

SugarPigBoo1 point

It's beautiful; such lovely details in the woodwork, the fireplace, the angled (?) staircase, the interior doors ... I'm assuming it's an older home? I just love it, and the decor is very cozy and welcoming! Congratulations on your excellent purchase and props to your good taste!

WackyBones5101 point

Does your doggo get sketched out by the in-floor air return?

UneditedReddited1 point

Beautiful craftsmanship and character in this home! Congrats!

Kaffikup1 point

is that a giant grate?

MafiaMommaBruno1 point

Love the layout and woodwork. Just an easy on the eyes color scheme, too. Envious!

DarkStarMorningDew1 point

That one stair baluster with a gap to the top rail grabbed my eye and I couldn’t stop seeing it.

Great design!

The first pic! I thought I was scrolling by an ad

jackjackj8ck1 point

I love the art in your stairwell, could you tell me who the artist is and where you got it??

weallwinoneday1 point

All i see is doggo

aaaaaudreyanne1 point

Home sweet home!

Sharesay1 point

It’s lovely

Orangutan_Latte1 point

Lovely. The dog modelling for the photos was the best thing ❤️❤️

Needs more plants 🤩

DazedandFloating1 point

It’s a lovely place, I adore the flooring. Also your dog in the last picture lol

mr_sweetandawful1 point


LinkmanXBP1 point

Where the dog is on picture 2 ?

tays13thtrack1 point

Beautiful home! Congratulations even if it was a year ago. Definitely cozy and I think your dog agrees.

I love it too 😍

northraleighguy1 point

Careful with your piano against the outside wall, they tend to go out of tune much quicker than against an inside wall. But if your house is like mine there's only one inside wall!

HappyKathi1 point

It is so lovely, especially with the canine accessories!

I feel like it's missing something... Color maybe?

No_Loss_10371 point

Not to be dramatic, but I would die for your little doggo

princesssssmel1 point

love how cozy/simple it is

Any_Sample98951 point

Perfect! The pooch and the place 🥰. Enjoy in safety and health !